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The climax of the novel was written very wonderfully, and Song Jinxi couldn’t help biting her fingers when she saw the most exciting part.

She held her breath and turned to the next chapter, but the app reminded her that ‘there is no more chapter’.

Song Jinxi: “…”

She quickly exited the chapter and looked at the table of contents.

The time on the table of contents shows that the most recent update was one year ago.

She went back to the last chapter to read the comments.

Some of them cried and begged the author to come back and update the story, while others waited too long and gave the author a negative score.

There are also many readers who maliciously curse those pirate websites that directly lead to the author’s retirement.

As a result, some words are too extreme and are blocked by the website.

Song Jinxi took another look at the author’s name and suddenly remembered where the familiar feeling came from when she first saw the author’s name.

When she was searching the information of Dingding Literature City before, she saw the name of the author who had got her novel stolen by the pirate websites too many times and directly retired.

It turns out that she is the author of the novel she was reading now.

It’s too frustrating to be hooked up and down by the plot so Song Jinxi searched the Internet for the author’s name again.

It is the one at the day of Qingming Festival one year ago, where the author posted a post on the forum of Dingding Literature City, saying that she would rather stop writing than let the pirate websites suck her blood.

There are many replies below her post.

Some supported her, some sympathized with her, but more people express that they do not understand her actions.

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Saying that if she stopped writing just because of those pirate websites, it seems somewhat penny wise and pound foolish, making the friends feel the pain but pleases the enemies instead…

But no matter what everyone commented, no matter how the readers belittled and scolded her, or cried and begged her to come back, the author never showed up again.

Song Jinxi, who stepped into the deep pit, looked up at the sky.

Thinking that the Shen family hold the share of Dingding Literature City, Song Jinxi flipped through the last chapter of the novel again, and a bold idea faintly came to her mind.

She poked Lin Xiaoxiao on WeChat and asked her whether she usually reads novels.

It took a while for Lin Xiaoxiao to reply.

Lin Xiaoxiao: “I don’t like it, but many girls in my class like it.”

Song Jinxi thought for a while.

Lin Xiaoxiao doesn’t like reading novels.

In other words, she may not know that she has transmigrated into a novel at all, and may think that what she is experiencing is just an ordinary crossing through space.

But this is not the most important thing now.

Song Jinxi: “But I like it.”

Song Jinxi: “I just read a novel, but there was no ending yet.

The climax part is gone, and I am so sad.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Hahahahaha…”

Song Jinxi: “….”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “I am sorry, Sister-in-law.

I didn’t mean to laugh at you.

I just suddenly remembered a former classmate of mine.

She also read a novel with no ending and she cried to me every day, saying that she hopes to find the author.

Then she would take a knife out, and she must kill the author no matter what.”

Song Jinxi: “I notice that the author wrote the novel on a website owned by your Shen family.

Do you think you can get the author back through your relationship I think the author’s writing style and brain are very good.

It’s a pity to stop writing like this.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Let me ask my Second Brother first.

What is the name of the website where you read the novel”

Song Jinxi: “Dingding Literature City.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Hahahahaha this name is so funny.”

Song Jinxi: “It is indeed quite funny.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “Wait a moment.

I will be right back.”


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