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Shen Liujue smiled helplessly, grabbing her wrist and dragging her away.

“Wait, wait a minute… Where are you taking me, Second Brother” She struggled, but it was a pity that this body of hers was weak before.

She had just transmigrated for a week and even though she kept exercising every day, she did not gain any strength either.

It was even more impossible for her to throw Shen Liujue over the shoulder with the Kung Fu she had learned before, so she can only struggle and do useless work.

Shen Liujue pulled her to the place where he and Shen Liuchen stayed just now.

There was hardly anyone around and he said: “Your cousin and your Sister-in-law are showing affection.

Do you want to stand there as a light bulb”

“But I am not the only light bulb there!” Lin Xiaoxiao rubbed her wrist, which was a little sore because when she was struggling just now, he grabbed her tighter.

Turning her head, she saw that Shen Liuchen was holding Song Jinxi in his arms and was about to leave.

She could not help sighing, “Cousin and Sister-in-law have finally ended the cold war.

In that case, Lin An’an and Xu Lili can be said to have made a contribution.”

If it wasn’t for them jumping around to find trouble with Song Jinxi, Shen Liuchen would not have had the opportunity to go on stage to ‘kill the enemy’.

Then again…

“By the way, Second Brother, could it be that I actually shouldn’t go up so fast just now Should I let cousin go up and handle it from the beginning to the end” Lin Xiaoxiao asked.

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Shen Liujue recalled the gaze when Song Jinxi glanced over just now, and thought about it.

“You should have done it.

After all, you made the matter even bigger.” Shen Liujue said, “If it wasn’t for your sudden appearance, your Sister-in-law might have let them both go.”

“When Sister-in-law was bullied at the beginning, why didn’t you two come out” Lin Xiaoxiao looked puzzled.

In her opinion, with Shen Liuchen’s temperament, after seeing Song Jinxi being bullied, he should not be able to refrain himself.

“Maybe it’s the matter between them, husband and wife.” Shen Liujue sighed and said, “When Xu Lili just found your Sister-in-law, your Sister-in-law scolded her a few words, and she was about to drive her away.

Later Lin An’an came up and spilled the wine on your Sister-in-law’s skirt.

Although it’s not much, it seems that your cousin wanted to go over there too.”

Lin Xiaoxiao lowered her head in deep thought.

In her opinion, Shen Liuchen is not such a patient person.

Shen Liujue: “But when he was about to move, your Sister-in-law looked over, and your cousin didn’t dare to move anymore.”

Lin Xiaoxiao had a question mark on her face at first, and then she couldn’t help laughing, “Is my cousin so henpecked”

“What about being henpecked After seeing his wife being bullied, he still faces the risk of being blamed by his wife.” Shen Liujue shook his head and sighed: “However, my Sister-in-law is so lovely, and beautiful, and considerate too.

If I were your cousin, I would also like to spoil her so much.”

Lin Xiaoxiao suddenly became interested and urged: “Then don’t make up lessons for me anymore! Give yourself a holiday, go and bring me one Sister-in-law back too, so that I have several Sisters-in-laws and won’t be lonely anymore.”

Shen Liujue squinted at her and sneered twice.

“Hehe…” Shen Liujue sneered twice and suddenly thought of something.

Then he looked at Lin Xiaoxiao, and asked: “By the way, as a high school student who has never been in love and has always been studying all day, how do you know the ways of those playboys”

As he asked, his eyes were staring at Lin Xiaoxiao like a torch.

Lin Xiaoxiao almost couldn’t resist the torture in his eyes.

This is what her older sister told her, and she is not sure whether it is true or not.

It’s just that in order to add fuel to the jealousy and prevent Song Jinxi from letting Lin An’an and Xu Lili go so easily, she said that in a hurry.


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