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In order to make Shen Liuchen believe her, Song Jinxi almost swore to the sky, but Shen Liuchen still said: “Your sister…”

Song Jinxi: “Can you not always talk about my sister”

Shen Liuchen’s thin lips was slightly pursed, “Have she been kidnapped when she was a child”

Song Jinxi is at a loss.

She has a strange guess in her heart, but she can’t tell what the guess was.

She always feels like something is wrong.

Comprehending the before-and-after questions of the male god, it seems that she has forgotten some key information.

What is it actually…

She thought hard, but still couldn’t remember it.

Shen Liuchen then asked again: “What’s her name”

Song Jinxi, who wanted to break her head but couldn’t remember what she had forgotten, looked at him indifferently.

“Why should I tell you” She said, doing a zipping action to her mouth, “I refuse to answer, you just have to give up about this.”

With that, she turned her head angrily and left the back of her head to Shen Liuchen.

While one-sidedly pondered stuffily in a small voice:

“Actually, what went wrong”

“…… It’s making me bald.

If the system is there, she can still communicate with it.

But the system said that once she entered the novel world, unless her task is completed and she is on the verge of death in the novel world, the system will not be able to contact her.

That is to say, she can only fight alone.

When she encountered a problem, there was not even a single person to discuss with.

She anxiously squeezed her head and accidentally pulled out a lot of hair because she used a bit more strength.

She counted it down and there are nearly ten roots.

Dare to ask how many ‘ten roots of hairs’ can a person lose

She crumpled her hair into a ball and threw it into the trash can at the back of the classroom.

She opened her Chinese textbook and decided to forget this problem that might have made her bald for the time being.

Not long after the morning reading, the flag-raising ceremony began.

Song Jinxi squeezed into the crowd, and a girl in the same class who seemed a little familiar squeezed to her side.

“Hello.” The girl greeted her actively.

Song Jinxi looked over, the girl was smiling happily, her eyes were big and her two small tiger teeth appeared particularly lovely.

“Hello.” She replied politely.

“My name is Chen Wenwen.

I’m sitting in the first row.

The song you just sang is so good.”

Song Jinxi smiled: “Thank you.”

Being praised by such a sweet-looking girl with a sweet voice, her headache was relieved by a lot.

She can’t help but have a good feeling for the girl in front of her.

“You dare to sit next to Shen Liuchen.

He didn’t even have a deskmate before.” Chen Wenwen said.

“The head teacher also told me about his situation.” Song Jinxi said: “But he was the only one in the class who didn’t have a deskmate.

So, I told the head teacher that I would sit next to him and try.

If he really doesn’t like having a deskmate, then I would change my seat at that time.”

“I see…” Chen Wenwen thoughtfully said.

Song Jinxi obviously saw that she seemed to exchange a look with the girl in front of her.

So, is this to spy on the enemy

Song Jinxi calmly glanced at the girl, who seemed to notice her gaze and turned her head back in a hurry.

Chen Wenwen didn’t notice this and continued to talk to her.

“You look so good.

I think you can be a school flower.”

Song Jinxi carefully looked into her eyes, and made sure that most of her praise was really from the heart.

The girl’s eyes were also clear, so there should be no bad idea.

She laughed and said, “Thank you.”


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