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After Song Jinxi waited for a while, Lin Xiaoxiao replied back to her.

Lin Xiaoxiao: “My Second Brother said that Huasheng has invested in a lot of websites, and the Dingding Literature City seems to be quite useful.

A film and television company under Huasheng makes online dramas and often finds novels on this website.”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “It’s just that there are too many authors in Dingding Literature City.

If you really want to find that author, my Second Brother can help.”

Song Jinxi was often pitted in the real world too in the past.

There are those who don’t know how to make it up anymore in the middle of their writing.

There are also those who let themselves write freely but suddenly don’t want to write anymore.

There are also some who write well but suddenly an elder in their family died and left them hundreds of millions of dollars of property, and they just terminated the contract directly and stopped writing too…

Every time she encounters authors that pitted their novels, Song Jinxi wants to crawl over the Internet cable, press them against the computer desk, and force them to update, and even not allow them to eat until they write an update of 10,000 words.

But she was powerless, and she has no super power either, so she can only feel so angry in the bottom of her heart that even her teeth feel itchy every time.

Unexpectedly, this time, she could find the author directly through the novel’s website.

This feeling is simply too cool.

It’s just that she still can’t read the second half of the novel now, and it’s still made her a little uncomfortable.

That kind of feeling of uneasiness all over her body continued until she went to sleep at night.

Shen Liuchen asked her what was wrong, but she did not dare to say it either.

Shen Liuchen only thought that she was suffering from dysmenorrhea, and he didn’t ask any more questions.

That night, Shen Liuchen’s dream, which had haunted him for a week, seemed to move on to the next chapter.

In the dream, after he was rescued by the police and went down the mountain, he was sent to a welfare home in X city.

He grew up slowly in a wheelchair and his heart began to become darker and darker.

At the same time, he hoped to meet a family that could adopt him.

Give him the warmth of home he longs for.

He was adopted by Zhang Meigui and Cai Xiaohao.

Zhang Meigui still took the wild man home to have an illicit sexual relations in front of him.

It’s just that this time Song Jinxi is not there, and the plot is a little different.

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Because he was in a wheelchair, it was inconvenient for him to move around, and there was also no Song Jinxi by his side to make him beware of Zhang Meigui.

Until the third year of high school, after he clearly realized that Zhang Meigui had something in mind for him, he showed his estrangement from Zhang Meigui.

Zhang Meigui then drugged him.

Fortunately, Cai Xiaohao happened to be back.

Zhang Meigui slapped back and said that he was plotting against her and tried to drug her, but the result is he himself drank the water that had been drugged instead.

The drugged him, who was in a wheelchair, had no ability to fight back.

He was beaten badly by Cai Xiaohao, and then thrown into cold water to fend for himself.

In the cold winter, he lay in the ice water all night, and the next day he had a high fever.

It’s just that Heaven seems to disdain his low life, even if he once burned to 39 degrees, he survived without taking medicine at all.

And also left the root of a disease for him.

Since then, his resistance has become extremely weak, and it is easy for him to get sick if there is any slight disturbance.

He was also deaf in one ear due to a high fever.

Then he left the so-called home…

He woke up from a nightmare.

Song Jinxi was still in his arms.

Her sleeping face was beautiful, and her gentle breath hit his chest, just like a soft catkin stirring his heart.

He is now basically certain that this is not just a simple dream, it is likely to be everything he will face in a world without Song Jinxi.

Is there any connection between the current him and him who was destined to be miserable


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