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What does the game of saving the fox demon have to do with Song Jinxi’s origins

At that time, when he saw the setting of ‘Fox Demon’, if Song Jinxi was not sitting on top of him and his attention was all on her, he would not have been able to perceive Song Jinxi’s physical reaction at that moment.

And then he will miss the clue this time.

Shen Liuchen even had some doubts, wondering if he was also a virtual character…

Is the world he lives in real


Song Jinxi returned to the company after her vacation, and the ‘Fox Demon’ project team has been completely assembled.

Their office area was in the same area where Zhou Zhenghuang was before, and there was nothing that changed at all.

There are ten men and two women in the project team, in which one of them is Song Jinxi.

Several men had heard that besides Xu Lili, there was another beautiful woman in the project team, and they were all looking forward to Song Jinxi’s return.

It’s just that they also know at the same time that Song Jinxi is married.

When Song Jinxi arrived at the company, those male colleagues looked at Song Jinxi’s face, and then looked at the diamond ring on her left ring finger again, all of them looked a little dejected.

Zhou Zhenghuang deliberately called them all to the small conference room and introduced Song Jinxi to everyone.

What surprised Song Jinxi was that Xu Lili didn’t take the initiative to provoke her today, but when she looked at her, she occasionally showed the victorious look, which made Song Jinxi a little confused.

However, since Xu Lili didn’t take the initiative to provoke her, she was quietly feeling happy instead.

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After she introduced herself, Zhou Zhenghuang mentioned her next work and main projects to her, and Song Jinxi suddenly understood where Xu Lili’s victorious look came from.

After the introduction, the other team members left.

Song Jinxi stayed at the back and called Zhou Zhenghuang to stay behind.

Zhou Zhenghuang closed the glass door of the conference room and walked back.

“What’s wrong” he asked.

Song Jinxi thought about it and asked a question: “The forum basically doesn’t need a structure.

It just needs a simple construction.

In this way, wouldn’t I basically have no workload”

“It turns out to be this…” Zhou Zhenghuang smiled nonchalantly and explained: “Lili was also responsible for the official website design in her previous project team, so she has experience in this field.

The summer vacation is coming soon and the company will recruit some excellent students to do internships every summer.

If there are good seedlings, they will be signed first.

At that time, she will lead the interns to develop the official website together, and you won’t have to manage the interns.

You will be in charge of the forum alone, which is already busy enough for you.”

“But I want to do the official website.” Song Jinxi said.

Zhou Zhenghuang looked into her eyes for a long time.

Seeing that she was very persistent, he could not make up his mind for a moment.

Song Jinxi said: “The design of the official website can also be done by two people…”

“Lili said that the field of you two are designing the bottom frame.

If two people work on the same project together, it will easily cause conflict.” Zhou Zhenghuang’s tone was a little hesitant.

But he also knew that Xu Lili’s statement was completely untenable.

The program development and design cannot be completed by only one person, nor can there be the possibility of conflict between two people developing the same project.

However, Xu Lili’s identity is somewhat special.

She is the daughter of the boss of the largest mobile game operator in China.

As a game developer, Ximei game company has cooperation with that operator in almost all games.


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