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There is no excessive humility, nor a trace of complacency.

Chen Wenwen originally thought Song Jinxi would be self-effacing, but she did not expect to receive such an answer.

She was stunned, then pulled out a shallow smile, and did not speak any more.

After raising the flag and returning, Song Jinxi wanted to talk to Shen Liuchen.

As soon as she got close to him, he quietly looked at her and slowly spat out two words: “Younger sister…”

Song Jinxi: “…”

You are so ruthless!

Why is this person so interested in Song Jinnan!

Later, in class, Song Jinxi wanted to whisper to him, telling him that she was really better-looking and better than Song Jinnan.

She hopes that he can focus on her instead of focusing on an ethereal person.

But she was stopped by his cold eyes.

She didn’t want him to use the ‘trying to whisper to him in class which affected his study’ as an excuse to ask the head teacher to transfer her to another place, so Song Jinxi endured it and began to listen to the class seriously.

Before the age of ten, Song Jinxi had a rich father and a beautiful mother, and she was also lovely.

Many boys in the school liked her, so she never studied seriously.

Relying on her own smart melon-seed sized brain, she was able to maintain the top ten position in her class by listening to the teaching in class and writing her homework.

After she was ten years old, she knew that the ‘happiness’ she had before was only a mirage.

After her father married another and her mother remarried, she was sad for a period of time.

Under the comfort of her grandmother, she decided to put all her thoughts on studying.

Since then, the results have been out of control.

All the way from being admitted in the best middle school to studying in the key major in university.

At the age of 24, she obtained a professional postgraduate diploma and became an excellent professional in IT.

It sounded nice with it’s ‘beauty programmers’ nickname, but most of them usually call themselves a ‘dog programmer’.

Now back to the second year of high school, after flipping through the books and picking up all the forgotten formulas and theorems, the questions the teacher talked about in class were completely a child’s play for her.

In one class, she was called by the Math Teacher to solve two questions.

One is the basic exercise question in class, and the other is the after-class competition question.

She easily solved them.

Many people in the class look at her differently.

After solving the problem and returning to her seat, Song Jinxi looked at Shen Liuchen with some pride, but found that he didn’t seem to pay attention to the class at all.

She took a closer look at the book he was writing.

Wait a minute——

‘Mathematics Study Questions for the First Semester of Senior Three’

This person does not listen well in class, but instead write down the exercises of next semester here

Is he going to skip a grade again

It happened that the bell rang after class, and the teacher said, “Class is over.”, and the class immediately became noisy.

Song Jinxi wanted to ask him if he wanted to skip a grade, and even though he didn’t listen to the teacher in class, the Math Teacher wouldn’t reprimand him, but turned a blind eye instead.

Does the Math Teacher know that he has been studying on his own till the first semester of Senior Three

“Hey.” She grabbed the back of Shen Liuchen’s chair and shook it but found that she couldn’t move it.

She grabbed the corner of his desk again and shook it, “Shen Liuchen”

Shen Liuchen seems to have never heard it.

She reached over with a pen and tried to do her trick again.

She didn’t know that his eyes saw her movement.

He still lowered his head to look at the exercise book, but he could reach out and accurately grasp the pen she was holding out.

Song Jinxi watched helplessly as her pen was snatched away and he put it on the side of his desk against the wall.

Song Jinxi: “That’s my pen! Give it back to me! “

Shen Liuchen turned his head and said: “You have disturbed my study.” His voice was calm.

But Song Jinxi could hear the full threat.


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