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When the ‘little childhood sweetheart’ came to find him, Song Jinxi originally thought that Shen Liuchen would come back before class started but unexpectedly he actually came back so soon.

After he came back, he sat in his seat and continued to write the exercise’s answer, and it seems like he is not distracted by the ‘little childhood sweetheart’ at all.

Song Jinxi also pretended to take the math homework to write on it but in fact, she has been peeking at Shen Liuchen.

When she can’t help but want to poke him with a pen again, he seems to be monitoring her every move, accurately and timely turn around to look at her.

His gaze was cold.

“Song Jinxi.” His voice was cold and clear.

Song Jinxi blinked her eyes cutely.

She thought, how nice was the male god’s call just now.

If the voice is more gentle, she would even be happy to die on the spot.

As a result, the male god used this favorite voice of hers to say something she didn’t want to hear at all:

“If you bother me again, I will let the teacher change your seat.”

Song Jinxi: “…You won’t be so cruel, right”

“You can try.” Shen Liuchen dropped this sentence and turned his head to continue to study the topic.

Song Jinxi did not dare to make any movement again.

She also needs a ‘favorable position’ to help him escape the danger in the future! If he drives her away now, how can she have any opportunity to get close to him again

If one wouldn’t sacrifice small things, then a great scheme could never be put into practice.

She will bear with it.

Such a forbearance lasted for a whole morning.

At the end of the last class in the morning, the boys rushed out of the class very fast one by one.

In the blink of an eye, there were not many people left in the class.

Song Jinxi wanted to take the opportunity to let Shen Liuchen take her to the canteen, but Chen Wenwen walked over with another girl and asked her if she wanted to go together with them.

“I…” Song Jinxi opened her mouth and for a while, she couldn’t find a good reason to refuse.

After all, if she showed too much interest in Shen Liuchen, it may cause unnecessary trouble.

It happened that the ‘little childhood sweetheart’ who had just appeared this morning, came again.

Shen Liuchen was tidying up his desk and was called out in the middle of it.

Song Jinxi glanced at his back faintly, turned around with a smile and said to Chen Wenwen: “I’m going to the toilet first.”

Chen Wenwen did not doubt her and said, “Then we will wait for you at the stairway.”

Song Jinxi gave them an ‘OK’ gesture and walked quickly towards the back door of the classroom.

Unexpectedly, she heard Shen Liuchen’s voice before she reached the door.

“I already said, don’t come to look for me again.”

Wait a minute…

Song Jinxi quickly stopped her footsteps.

Before she had time to think about it, she heard the ‘little childhood sweetheart’ ask in a voice full of grievances: “Why, Brother Chenchen Aunt Zhang said that if I pester you, it will affect your grades, but I did not pester you.

Song Jinxi looked around the classroom.

Chen Wenwen and the other girl have already left, and there was no one in the classroom now.

That is to say, she can eavesdrop on the corner without scruple!

While trying to restrain the mood of gossip, she quietly went to the door and looked out very cautiously.

Shen Liuchen’s, with both hands on his arms and his back facing her, was standing by the wall at the entrance of the classroom.

His ‘little childhood sweetheart’ was blocked by his body.

Song Jinxi can only see the girl’s black leather shoes.

Then she glanced at Shen Liuchen’s white-washed and somewhat worn-out sports shoes.

The obvious contrast between the two pairs of shoes made the misery of the male god even more obvious.

It makes her heart a little sour.

After the ‘little childhood sweetheart’ finished saying these words, she didn’t wait for Shen Liuchen’s answer and stretched out a hand, seemingly wanting to grab the hem of his clothes.

Song Jinxi opened her eyes wide and held her breath when she saw her hand approach Shen Liuchen.

The normal movement seemed to be slowed down countless times in her eyes.

She clenched her fists tightly with both hands, and forced herself to resist her urge to rush forward and defend her sovereignty.

Generally speaking, she actually has no sovereignty right now, but she just can’t see Shen Liuchen having contact with other women in front of her.

It is somewhat possessive, but she also does not want to change it.

Amidst this busy time of hers, she took the time out to spat on herself inwardly.

Fortunately, Shen Liuchen didn’t let her down.

Before the ‘little childhood sweetheart’ could reach him, he stepped back a little.


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