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Fortunately, Shen Liuchen’s solitary personality has not changed.

He has finished his junior high school’s life very peacefully.

During the whole year of (senior) high school, even if she is not by his side, he has never created any gossip.

Before she entered high school, Zheng Yanyu asked her classmates to inquire, and heard that none of the girls at Jinjiting High School could get close to Shen Liuchen, and they even gave him a title.

Called him the ‘most handsome but abstinent classmate’.

When the boys in school mentioned him occasionally, they would jokingly call him a ‘monk’.

Because he was so indifferent, never looked at the female students as a male should have, and facing so many girls’s affection, he remained completely unmoved.

If he had not been so indifferent to boys, people at school might have thought he was gay.

Zheng Yanyu was a little relieved when she heard these rumors.

When she got into high school, she couldn’t wait to spread the rumors again…

She was very careful.

When she was looking for Shen Liuchen, she would call him in front of everyone.

But when the two talked, she avoided everyone, so that others could not hear what she said to Shen Liuchen.

In this way, even if Shen Liuchen showed impatience with her constant entanglement since elementary school, others would only think that they were being awkward.

She is also the object of the most credible ‘gossip girl’ around Shen Liuchen.

However, all this is based on the premise that no one can hear the content of her chat with Shen Liuchen.

After looking for Shen Liuchen this morning, as soon as she came back to her class, she heard a classmate say that there was a very good-looking transfer student in Class One of Second Grade.

Otherwise she would not come find him again so soon.

In the past, she always kept the frequency of visiting Shen Liuchen three times a month at most and at least once a month.

That’s to prevent Shen Liuchen from running out of patience.

Today, she came to see him twice in one day, so he didn’t bother about going with her to a place with fewer people to talk anymore.

He just picked the back door of the classroom to chat with her, and almost made their conversation being heard by outsiders.

Zheng Yanyu felt upset and helpless.

Fortunately, Song Jinxi’s words made her feel a little relieved.

Because Song Jinxi said that she accidentally bumped the door because she ‘walked too fast’.

If she ‘walked too fast’ near the back door of the classroom, she shouldn’t have heard what Shen Liuchen had said just now.

However, when she looked carefully at Song Jinxi’s appearance, she couldn’t help but become nervous again.

It’s just because this girl is so good-looking, and she had never seen her before!

Zheng Yanyu once carefully observed the appearance of the female students in Shen Liuchen’s class..

She thinks that she is good-looking, and has always been called ‘the most beautiful girl in her class’ by her classmates.

After carefully comparing the looks of the girls in Shen Liuchen’s class, she feels that there is no one with a better look than herself there, so she has always been a little relieved.

She felt that Shen Liuchen would not find a girlfriend in his class.

But now, this beautiful girl who suddenly appeared, is it the ‘new beautiful senior sister’ that the students said

But, isn’t this too pretty

The small melon face, big eyes, and straight nose make her facial features look particularly so good-looking.

She also applied foundation and lip gloss!

Doesn’t the school not allow make up

While Zheng Yanyu was observing Song Jinxi, Song Jinxi was also observing her.

Shen Liuchen did not show the slightest strange look at her appearance, but Zheng Yanyu was defensive.

Song Jinxi walked towards them.

Shen Liuchen turned back and frowned slightly.

“It’s getting late.

You should quickly go have your meal.” He said to Zheng Yanyu.

In Zheng Yanyu’s eyes, this meaning of his was misinterpreted into another meaning.

Zheng Yanyu glanced at Song Jinxi, who was walking towards Shen Liuchen who stood beside her, and then looked back at him with tearful eyes.

“Then, would you like to have lunch with me again today”

She didn’t believe that she had even begged like this and Shen Liuchen can still be unmoved by it.

The author has something to say :

Guys, guess what Xixi will do hahahaha.


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