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But experience told her that Shen Liuchen really can.

Since childhood, she was the only girl who had been close to him, but despite this, he never did anything to her beyond the boundaries of ordinary friends.

At one time, she even thought that for him, she might be just a ‘little sister of the neighborhood’, not even an ordinary friend.

Zhang Meigui asked him to keep a distance from her, and told him not to delay his study because of tutoring her, so he never tutored her any more.

When she was still a child, she would take her homework to his home and asked him questions, and he would take the time to teach her.

Later, Zhang Meigui didn’t let her go to his house anymore and her relationship with him suddenly became a lot stranger.

Except for occasionally meeting her at the door and giving her a greeting, there is nothing else.

This made her feel that she was a completely dispensable person to him.

Looking at Zheng Yanyu’s sad little appearance, worried that Shen Liuchen would be soft hearted, Song Jinxi walked to Shen Liuchen and stood still.

“Sorry, little sister,” Song Jinxi said to Zheng Yanyu with a smile, “Shen Liuchen said that he would accompany me to lunch at noon today.

After all, I just transferred here.

I’m not familiar with the students and the place here, so I just needed the care of my deskmate.”

Zheng Yanyu faced her coldly: “Who is your sister I’m not familiar with you.”

“If it’s not familiar, then let it be so.” Song Jinxi still keeps her smile.

After all, she is a 25-year-old person that has entered society.

She can still deal with this 14-year-old girl in front of her.

Deliberately maintaining a smile and acting like a winner to make the little girl in front of her to not be able to maintain her character anymore and then the little girl will get angry at her in front of Shen Liuchen’s face, which then showed that she is not gentle and lovely at all.

But in the end, Song Jinxi repented from the bottom of her heart.

She feels that this is just bullying children.

It somehow seems that she should not do this.


This involves the question of the ownership of the male god.

She, absolutely, can’t give in!

“I’m so hungry.

Let’s go to the canteen, Shen Liuchen.” In fact, she wanted to talk to him more intimately, but she was afraid of being humiliated on the spot by Shen Liuchen.

So she had to call his full name so coldly.

“If we are late, what if there’s no food anymore in the canteen” She continued.

Zheng Yanyu was so angry that she turned her head and looked pitifully at Shen Liuchen: “Broth——”

She hasn’t called out yet when she has a thought that for now, she can’t let Shen Liuchen become unhappy, so she changed the way she called him.

“Brother Shen, do you really want to take her to the canteen”

Shen Liuchen turned to look at Song Jinxi.

Song Jinxi also looked at him and said two words silently to him with a smile: “Younger sister.”

Afraid he didn’t understand it, she added, “My younger sister.”

Zheng Yanyu didn’t understand what she was saying, so she couldn’t even make a guess.

Then she observed Shen Liuchen’s reaction again.

Shen Liuchen said to Zheng Yanyu: “You just go.”

Then he said to Song Jinxi: “I will get the meal card.” After he was finished, he turned and entered the classroom.

Zheng Yanyu: “…”

Song Jinxi: a victorious but polite smile.

“This elder sister, you had just entered high school but already used cosmetics.

Aren’t you afraid that your face will rot later” Her gaze was like a knife, wanting to break apart Song Jinxi’s face.

Song Jinxi was stunned.

She raised her hand and squeezed her face gently.

The skin feels delicate and smooth, so tender as if water can be pinched out of it.

Because of her young age, she is still a little fat on her face.

It feels so elastic that even when she sees it herself, she can’t help but squeeze it gently.

How she wishes that she could keep her skin in such a good condition forever.

“I’m sorry, little sister.

This is what elder sister was born with.

I didn’t apply any powder.” She said so as her index finger gently rubbed her face and then put it in front of Zheng Yanyu afterwards.

The skin of her hands seems to be better than that of her face.

The back of the hand is so white and looked like a round shaped white jade, delicate and smooth.

The shape of the pointed fingers were very good-looking, and the fingertips also have a healthy-looking pink color.

There’s no trace of powder on it.

This kind of skin, one will know with just a glance that it was carefully maintained.

It reminds Zheng Yanyu of those well-maintained aunts’ skins that she occasionally sees on the bus.


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