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Obviously she is still a fifteen-year-old girl, but when autumn and winter comes, if she doesn’t use the lotion on her hands, the skin on the back of her hands will look even worse than that of an old woman in her 50s and 60s.

Sometimes when she sees an elder sister or an aunt on the bus that has a better skin condition than her, she will feel very shameful and cover her hands.

For fear of being seen with ugly hands by others.

But because her mother gave birth to a younger brother and took all the family’s money to raise him, her mother would often forget to buy the lotion for her.

Song Jinxi’s skin condition deeply hurt Zheng Yanyu’s heart, but she still said in a bragging tone:

“See, it’s all natural~”

Zheng Yanyu is almost angered to death by her.

Song Jinxi was not happy because she learned that the male god had a ‘little childhood sweetheart’ just this morning.

But now she thinks that the weather is really good today.

She had never thought it would be so interesting to tease her rival in love.

It’s especially so fun to get the other party angry and become speechless effortlessly.

Song Jinxi wanted to tease her again but the corner of her eye accidentally caught Chen Wenwen’s figure coming towards her.

Maybe it’s because she had been waiting for too long and came to urge her.

In order not to reveal the flaws, she stretched out her hand and gently pinched Zheng Yanyu’s face while she still had no time to react yet.

“Hurry up and go to eat, little sister.

If you keep pestering Shen Liuchen like this, he will be unhappy.” Song Jinxi smiled and patted her on the shoulder.

Then she looked at Shen Liuchen in the classroom, glanced at Chen Wenwen, and said with a smile, “A classmate is here.

If you don’t want others to know that Shen Liuchen and you are not familiar, it’s better for you to leave early.”

Zheng Yanyu opened her eyes wide, wondering why she knew her own careful thoughts.

Looking at Chen Wenwen, who was getting closer and closer, she gave a vicious hum and left angrily.

Halfway through, she looked back and saw Shen Liuchen walking towards the door.

“Brother Shen, you have such a good time with a female classmate at school.

I will tell Aunt Zhang.”

Song Jinxi quietly looked at the changes in Shen Liuchen’s expression, only to see his eyes slightly darkened but he said anything.

Zheng Yanyu saw him like this and was not reconciled, “Don’t you worry about how Aunt Zhang will reprimand you Aunt Zhang doesn’t allow you to tutor me.

How can she let you fall in love at an early age with a female classmate at school “

Shen Liuchen completely ignored her, just glanced at her lightly, turned his head and looked at Song Jinxi: “Aren’t you hungry Let’s go.”

After he said that, he lifted his feet and walked to the other side.

Song Jinxi: “Okay!”

Chen Wenwen was already close to them.

Song Jinxi trotted to apologize to her, and then ran after Shen Liuchen.

When the two went downstairs, a boy had already finished his meal and was walking back.

Maybe it’s because the two of them are so good-looking, when the boys who used to clamor up the stairs saw them, they all stopped clamoring and took the initiative to lean aside, leaving a lot of room for the two of them to go downstairs.

Song Jinxi didn’t say anything until the boys were far away and there was no one around before she asked, “Did you do it deliberately”

Shen Liuchen ignored her and still went downstairs in silence.

Song Jinxi thinks she should have guessed it right.

It can be inferred from Zheng Yanyu’s words that Zhang Meigui, who adopted Shen Liuchen, seemed to have never liked Shen Liuchen’s close contact with girls.

That’s why she did not let Shen Liuchen play with Zheng Yanyu, a little girl from the neighbor’s house.

Zheng Yanyu is even not allowed to enter the house.

Although Shen Liuchen did not want to play with Zheng Yanyu, he mostly just taught her homework.

Now Shen Liuchen is already 1.78 meters tall.

He has begun to show his charm as a man.

He is so handsome and his character is not bad…

Zhang Meigui should have begun to think about him.

So, did Zhang Meigui make her move yet

Has she begun to ‘excessively get close’ to Shen Liuchen as in the original novel

The male god wants to use Zheng Yanyu to let Zhang Meigui know that he has a girl who is ‘close’ to him in school.

Is it because of adolescent rebellion Or did he want to use this behavior to tell Zhang Meigui that he has begun to have this awareness, and want Zhang Meigui to be more restrained


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