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What to do

One is bound to have a slip of the tongue if one talks too much.

It was really on the spur of the moment that made her accidentally say too much.

She stood in the same place and bowed her head.

She did not dare to look at Shen Liuchen and constantly felt annoyed in the bottom of her heart.

How come after being ridiculed by Shen Liuchen, she really did seem to have no brain

Dare to say anything.

In the still lively dining hall, there are still many students who have not finished eating.

When Song Jinxi and Shen Liuchen first came in together, they attracted a lot of attention because of their excellent appearance.

Shen Liuchen was known by many people.

He is the Second Grade High School student, the most handsome one in school, and there are countless girls who like him.

Because he usually only eats in the canteen, many girls even come to the canteen for their meal every day on the premise that they don’t like the canteen’s food, just to take the opportunity to look at him more.

Since he entered Jinjiting High School, the efficiency of the school canteen has been very good.

The canteen’s aunts also knew this.

Every time she saw Shen Liuchen, she was very kind and would put more food for him.

Of course, these are all in the afterword.

The girls even had a rough idea of the time when Shen Liuchen came down for the meal, which was usually around 12 o’clock.

Twice a month, he comes down late because he is on duty that day.

But this month he had spent all the two days already.

Why hasn’t he come down yet today

The girls do not want to miss the chance to see the male god.

They eat slowly in the canteen and wait patiently.

As a result, they finally waited til he arrived, but there was a girl beside him

Many people have never seen that girl, but the point is, she is also so good-looking

All the girls were shocked.

They were scared and flustered.

Then, they watched the girl chatter all the way, but Shen Liuchen didn’t pay much attention to her.

They managed to find a reason to persuade themselves to breathe a sigh of relief, but Shen Liuchen seemed to stop because of the girl’s words.

He looked at her with that kind of serious and inquisitive look.

This kind of serious gaze can really kill the girl’s heart in seconds, okay

The girls cried in their hearts.

They think the male god may have something with this girl.

They cry in their stormy hearts and Song Jinxi was also crying too, crying stupidly because of her own carelessness.

She heard Shen Liuchen’s deep voice that asked her: “What do you know”

Song Jinxi: “…I don’t know anything.”

“Really…” Song Jinxi raised her face and looked at him pitifully, “I was wrong.

Can you stop asking”

Shen Liuchen: “No.”

Song Jinxi lowered her head in despair and planned to protest with silence.

She didn’t see it but an inexplicable expression flashed through Shen Liuchen’s eyes.

Like probing, doubt, suspicion, and…there was a little bit of an uncontrollable excitement.

“Song Jinxi.” The young man’s voice was warm and pleasant, but Song Jinxi doesn’t want to appreciate it right now.

She thinks this sound is a bit like the urging sound of the God of Death.

After a while, Song Jinxi suddenly had an idea and raised her head with an expression of ‘seeing death as home’.

“Well, I admit that I learned about your situation from the head teacher when I was going through the entrance formalities.” She said, calling her bright little brain in the bottom of her heart, thinking she was really smart.

Anyway, he won’t ask the head teacher about this.

So, let the head teacher carry the pot first.

If not, how else would she explain

In the entire Jinjiting High School, except for the head teacher Shi Yahui and Zheng Yanyu, no one knew that such an excellent Shen Liuchen was actually an orphan without a father or a mother.


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