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Even if Zhang Defa is drunk, he doesn’t forget his safety precautions.

Taking Song Jinxi to a corner with no one, he coaxed Song Jinxi to keep quiet under the pretext of ‘cover your eyes and count to ten, then you will see Brother Chenchen’.

He took out the white cloth strip for crime from his pocket and covered her eyes.

Song Jinxi was as quiet as a chicken all the way, and was brought back to their old nest by him.

Fortunately, he was drunk, and the cloth strip was not tied tightly.

Song Jinxi opened her eyes and closed her eyes again.

Using the movement of her eyelids to try her best to push the cloth strip to above her eyelids little by little.

She was able to see the road under her feet through a little gap.

Thinking of marking Fang Yuming, she cautiously reached into her tightly buttoned pocket.

Although her clothes are tattered, her two pockets are quite deep, and there are buttons to prevent the contents from falling out.

She had small props in her pocket that she had prepared beforehand.

When she tried to persuade Fang Yuming in the police station, she tore the toilet paper into long strips.

She told Fang Yuming that this could be used as a mark, but she was rejected by Fang Yuming with a smile.

Now, Fang Yuming has seen the toilet paper strips and knows the function of it.

If he accidentally loses his way on the way to follow up, he should be able to follow the strips to find the nest of the trafficker, right

Song Jinxi tried her best to reduce the range of her movement, but Zhang Defa still noticed it.

Zhang Defa looked down at her and said, “What are you doing”

Song Jinxi smiled and stretched out a small hand.

There was a beautiful candy lying on her hand.

“I want to eat candy, Uncle.

Do you want it too”

Naturally, Zhang Defa wouldn’t eat her candy, so he just laughed and ignored her.

When he turned around, Song Jinxi quietly put away the candy.

This is what she left for Shen Liuchen.

There are only a few candies.

They may have to stay on the mountain for a day or two.

Even if they are rescued later, no one will buy candies for them to eat.

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So, limited candies are precious.

If she wants to eat candy, she can buy it herself when she returns to the real world, and eat as much as she wants.

Now, she would like to leave all the candies in her hand to Shen Liuchen and let him eat it.


It was bumpy all the way up the mountain until Zhang Defa took her to the flat ground, and she guessed that they should have arrived.

Sure enough, before Zhang Defa took a few steps, she heard another man’s voice.

“Why did you go out for a drink and bring the goods back”

Song Jinxi knows who is talking.

This is Zhang Defa’s accomplice, one of the traffickers, Xu Mingjie.

The two men broke Shen Liuchen’s leg and were arrested by the police.

They were sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment and suffered a lot in prison.

By the time they reappeared in the plot, it was already ten years later.

What makes people angry is that ten years later, they brought Shen Liuchen a second injury.

Thinking of what they would do to Shen Liuchen, Song Jinxi gritted her teeth with hatred.

If she is not a five-years-old with a short stature, but is in her heyday 20 years later, based on her ten-year-old Sanda skill, it would be no problem to knock down two men who have no martial arts skills.

But the system wants her to look like a five-years-old, saying that it can only change the development of the plot from the small details, and cannot directly affect the main plot.

Many of the statements in the system are full of loopholes and can’t be justified at all.

Why was it that when a five-years-old little girl changes the plot it will have no impact, but if she was changed into a 25-years-old, it will affect the plot

Song Jinxi was full of doubts, but because it was important to save people, she did not ask much.

Anyway, saving Shen Liuchen is the most important thing at present.

The system has promised her that as long as she can prevent Shen Liuchen from blackening, and that he does not have the terrible idea of killing the male and female lead and destroying the world, and keep the novel world from collapsing, it will save Shen Liuchen’s life and not let the author kill him.

Zhang Defa put Song Jinxi on the ground and walked into the room by himself.

Song Jinxi tore off the cloth strip before she could stand still.


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