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But the head teacher and Zheng Yanyu will not easily talk about it, so she can only say that she took the initiative to find the head teacher to have a better understanding.

This explanation will stand firm.

Shen Liuchen obviously didn’t believe her nonsense, but he didn’t ask much.

He only knew that his meal card was almost broken by him.

“Brother Chenchen, what do you want to do when you grow up”

“Brother Chenchen is so good-looking.

If you can be a star, there will be many people who will like you.”

“Brother Chenchen is also so smart.

When the police uncle rescues us, we’ll ask the police uncle to see if they can send you to school.

When you grow up, you will be able to work in that kind of very beautiful and tall building with a lot of salary every month.

“When Brother Chenchen has money, you can give back to the society.

You can donate money to orphanages and welfare homes, so that more homeless children can have a home and read books.”

The tender voice echoed in his mind.

Ever since he was rescued that time, he has been haunted by memories.

The police said they had never seen the little girl named “Xixi”, and the childrens who snatched her candy didn’t even remember the candy.

The little girl who rescued him from the sea of misery and gave him hope was like a mirage he imagined in a desperate situation.

But he was the only one who kept indistinct memories between true and false.

However, it was her who took him out of the thatched house.

It was obviously her who blocked him with her little soft body and helped him block the attack of the poisonous snake…

Obviously, he hugged her tightly and watched her little body turn purple slowly…

Just a few days after being sent to the orphanage, Shen Liuchen had nightmares every day, always dreaming about the little girl who died in his arms.

At the end of every dream, he ran back to the original cliff and couldn’t find the little girl’s body everywhere.

He remembers the girl’s face.

He remembered it for many years.


Until a few days ago, he dreamed of the little girl again.

Her face was not very clear.

He thought he was finally going to get rid of this nightmare, but today, when he saw song Jinxi for the first time——

It was just like a grown-up version of the girl, who suddenly appeared in front of him.

She said she had never been kidnapped.

But her nickname was also ‘Xixi’.

He doubted himself, doubted his memory, and felt that this person in front of him just looked a little bit like the little girl in his dream.

That’s all.

But what she said just now.

He had heard it when he was still a child!

The content is almost the same…

If it was her, why did she ‘come back from the dead’ Why did she suddenly change from two years younger than him to one year older than him

She appeared in front of him, but did not recognize him

If it wasn’t her, would there be so many similarities between two different people

Shen Liuchen was silent all the time, and Song Jinxi didn’t dare to talk too much.

After a meal, she was as quiet as a chicken, and occasionally looked at him secretly.

After finishing the meal, they put the plate in the recycling place, and the two walked out of the dining hall.

After making sure that there was no one around, she whispered: “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about it.”

Shen Liuchen took a look at her and actually replied “Yeah”.

What a historic breakthrough.

She thought he would be cold and silent.

Seeing that he responded to her, Song Jinxi began to extend a tentative foot again.

“I didn’t mean to look down on you…Although this sentence is a bit strange, I hope you can believe that you are so excellent and good-looking.

I like you very much.


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