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In his memory, the little girl also liked him who looked good.

That’s why she protected the candy so desperately, as not to let the candy be snatched by other children.

She paranoidly left the candy for him to eat.

Until the moment she was dying…

Shen Liuchen took a deep breath and tried to endure the pain tingling in his heart.

He looked at Song Jinxi, and the girl in front of him seemed to be slowly overlapping with the little girl.

“Do you like good-looking ones” He asked.

Song Jinxi was stunned by his question, and it took awhile for her to react.

The two climbed the stairs one after the other.

She was a little slow in climbing the stairs because she was thinking about things.

Unexpectedly, he was slower.

It seemed as if he was half a step behind her on purpose.

He also turned his head slightly to look at her.

She blushed a little.

She raised her hand and touched one of her cheeks.

She nodded and said in a low voice, “Don’t laugh at me when I tell it to you, I really like…good-looking ones.”

“So,” Shen Liuchen paused, “How many people have you said such words to”

Song Jinxi: “……”

“No one!” Song Jinxi leaned on him anxiously and explained, “I told you that you are the best-looking person I have ever seen since I was a child!”

Shen Liuchen takes back his eyes and doesn’t respond to it.

“I…” Song Jinxi opened her mouth and swallowed it again when it already reached her mouth.

She said, “I won’t affect your grades.

I will study hard with you.

So, don’t let the teacher switch my seat away just because I like you.”

She felt as if she had made great progress in her relationship with him.

As a person who never likes to talk to the opposite sex, today, she said the words ‘I like you’ to the male god so naturally.

Although she knows that this confession will not have any feedback, she is still very happy.

At least, she let Shen Liuchen know her thought.

She is no longer a person who is secretly in love, she has turned it into an open love!

After turning into an open love, she can tease the male god without any burden.

Today at noon, she will have to hurry and go online to find some love words as a reserve, so as not to cry in front of the male god.

Song Jinxi quietly enjoyed herself for a while, and then waited for a long time, but she couldn’t wait for Shen Liuchen’s answer.

She quickly stretched out her hand and took the short sleeves of his school uniform before Shen Liuchen could react.

Shen Liuchen was so caught off guard by her sudden movement that his collar was almost pulled apart.

Song Jinxi subconsciously looked at his neck, but she didn’t see what she wanted to see, which was rather regrettable.

The quality of the school uniform is too good.

Shen Liuchen buttoned two buttons, and his collar couldn’t be pulled down at all.

If he hadn’t buttoned up, she would be able to see the masculine clavicle today…

She patronized with regret, but forgot to be afraid of Shen Liuchen’s attitude.

It wasn’t until Shen Liuchen said coldly “Let go” that she quickly let go and smiled slyly.

“Sorry, I’m a little anxious.

Don’t be angry.”

Shen Liuchen pressed his thin lips slightly, ignored her and strode away.

Song Jinxi had to follow him from behind with small steps.

“Don’t be angry.

I was really careless.”

“Don’t let the teacher switch my seat because of this.

Other students in the class already have deskmates, so please just undertake this difficult job of sitting together with me.”

“Otherwise, please give me a chance to prove myself.

Isn’t this going to be the midterm exam If I can’t get into the top ten in this midterm exam, I’ll go to the teacher myself and ask for a change of seat.

“Do you think this will do”


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