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Under the sun, the girl’s face was beautiful, her eyelashes fluttered like lifelike butterfly wings, leaving a small silhouette on her face.

The big watery eyes looked at him, and his tiny shadow was clearly reflected in her eyes.

It makes him feel as if he had returned to the ‘dreamland’.

It’s just that the girl didn’t die.

They both grew up.

Song Jinxi saw him looking at herself silently, she smiled sweetly at him, and whispered: “Give me a chance”

“I don’t do puppy love.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi blinked and suddenly smiled.

She shook her head again and again: “There will be no puppy love.

No puppy love.

I just want to be able to stay by your side and spend a boring student life together… Things in the future, let’s talk about it in the future.

It’s better to not do puppy love.

She can just tease and not have to be responsible for it.

“You don’t have someone you like, so you may not understand it.

Liking someone, doesn’t mean that you have to be together with the person.

As long as you can study together, you will be very happy already.

What’s more, if two people work hard together, it will not only not affect their study, but they will feel particularly motivated instead! ” She said.

The girl’s smile is brighter than the sunshine.

Her mouth is like being wiped with honey, and the sweet words just jump out like it doesn’t need any payment.

Shen Liuchen suddenly became suspicious of what he had just said.

There seems to be something wrong.

He had never felt this kind of feeling before, and his always calm and unwavering heart seemed to be rippled by the breeze.

It makes people’s heart itch.

He fisted his hands and coughed slightly to ease his embarrassment.

He deliberately said in a cold voice: “Let’s go.” Then turned around and left.

Song Jinxi: “Okay!”

She followed Shen Liuchen back to the classroom to get the books, and then went to follow him to the library.

There is a small door beside the library gate and Shen Liuchen stopped in front of the small door.

“I’m going to the electronic reading room to look up for information.” He said.

“I want to go too but will there be any seats left” Song Jinxi said while probingly looking into the electronic reading room, and found that it was full of students, only the one by the side was empty.

“There seems to be only one computer.” She was a little regretful: “Otherwise, you go look up for information and I will go to the library to read books.”

And also take a nap when she is at it.

If she doesn’t sleep at noon, she will only collapse in the afternoon.

When she had just finished her meal, she was actually a little sleepy too.

It’s just that there is a risk of drooling when lying on the table at noon.

If the male god is next to her, if he sees it, it’s simply a disaster that will destroy the earth.

Now the male god is going to look up for information, just she won’t have to worry about this risk.

The more Song Jinxi thought about it, the more she felt it was feasible.

She waved goodbye to Shen Liuchen and went into the library by herself.

Shen Liuchen looked at her merciless back and doubted the authenticity of her sentence “I just want to be by your side”.

Looking at Song Jinxi’s figure disappearing at the corner of the bookshelf, he withdrew his eyes and turned to walk into the electronic reading room.

Song Jinxi didn’t know that the reason why this computer was empty was not because no one used it, but because no one was allowed to use it.

The students nowadays that surf the Internet, only have three things to do to while away their time.

Chat with netizens on chat software, download songs and audio novels to MP3, or read the online novels directly.

There are a lot of small viruses on this computer.

Generally, the USB and MP3 Player connected to the computer will be infected.

The serious ones will cause the device to be formatted and unusable, so no one dares to use this computer.

And because of too many small viruses, the running speed of the computer is very slow.

Not only slow but it also got stuck, and as time goes by, no one uses it anymore.


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