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Shen Liuchen walked over quietly, pulled the chair opposite her and sat down.

She was wearing headphones, facing the window, and seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Shen Liuchen looked at her for a moment.

From this angle where her profile face was exposed outside, he can see that it seems to gradually overlap with the face of the little girl in memory.

But, as soon as he remembered how the little girl finally closed her eyes in his arms, his breathing turned a little bit unsteady.

He forced himself to look away and saw the school card she had placed on the table, so he gently took it and placed it in his hand for a closer look.

It’s a brand-new half palm sized school card with the girl’s name, class number and student number printed on it.

On the left is her reduced ID photo.

The girl with a ponytail and a white collar T-shirt smiled happily at the camera.

When he looked at it, he had a little impulse to secretly hide the card as a private possession.

The idea came inexplicably, and Shen Liuchen quickly recovered, and put the brand back in place like throwing a hot potato.

He got up quietly, went to the bookshelf next to him, took a book, opened it and read it for a while, but his attention was always attracted by a bunch of dull hair on the girl’s head.

The short, small, rubbed dull hairs are slightly upturned and swayed from side to side by the light wind.

It looks like a small feather, stirring people’s heartstrings.

Shen Liuchen pursed his mouth and stared at Song Jinxi’s small head for a while.

His thumb moved slightly, but he held it back and didn’t listen to his heart to go forward to smooth it out.

He couldn’t read the book.

He kept staring at the person, but then he felt wrong again.

That little silly hair is still hooking his heart, making him eager to move…

For the first time, Shen Liuchen discovered that he might have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Finally, he turned his head in frustration to look at the scenery outside the window.

The library of the school is on the second floor.

There are trees outside the window.

The trees are lush and luxuriant.

A black-and-white bird stands on the trunk.

It looks like it is dozing off.

After watching it for a while, Song Jinxi seemed to have woken up.

Shen Liuchen glanced at her from the corners of his eyes and saw that once she woke up, she subconsciously reached out to touch the corner of her mouth.

When he turned his head to see her, she just happened to see him too.

Then, as if suddenly awakened, she touched the corner of her mouth nervously with her hands.

Then she seemed to be sure of something, and became relaxed.

“Have you finished looking up the information” She rubbed her eyes, covered her mouth and yawned slightly.

Then she stretched her hands and stretched her waist again.

“Is it time for class”

Shen Liuchen looked at the clock on the wall, nodded and got up, “There are ten minutes left.

Let’s go.”

As he said that, he was a little surprised to find that he just did nothing and sat here for nearly half an hour.

He had never wasted time like this before.

Song Jinxi gently pushed the chair under the table and caught up with him gently.

When she got out of the library, she asked, “When did you come to my place I didn’t talk in my sleep, did I “

Shen Liuchen: “Yes, you did.”

Song Jinxi was shocked.

She clearly just casually asked a sentence, who would have sleep talked in their noon nap She only slept for a while, without deep sleep, and she could not even remember whether she had a dream or not.

But Shen Liuchen said she did it.

He wouldn’t lie about this,…or is he teasing her

“What did I say in my sleep” She asked suspiciously.

While they were talking, the two had walked to the corner of the stair.

Shen Liuchen stopped and looked at her sideways.

“You seem to have a nightmare, and you said ‘Don’t bite me’.”

After he was done, his eyes were locked on her, as if to see something from her face.


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