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Song Jinxi frowned and thought about it.

Then she suddenly seemed to have thought of something.

She said with a smile, “This, it should be a nightmare then.”

She didn’t see it, but when Shen Liuchen heard her say this, his eyes changed.

The young man’s eyes flickered, he held his breath and quietly waited for her to speak.

But she continued in a cheerful tone: “I was bitten by a dog when I was a child.”

“It’s the kind of house-keeping dog raised in the countryside.

I used to go to my grandmother’s house in the countryside every summer vacation, and I often like to play with a cousin next door.

But my cousin has a dog at home, which is particularly fierce.

I once went to find my cousin.

My cousin and aunt were not at home.

I ran in by myself and was bitten by the dog in the calf.”

“I was still so young at that time.

When I was bitten, I was so scared and stupefied.

I didn’t cry and stood motionless.

My cousin heard the barking of the dog and ran back to hide me behind the door.

He told me he will catch the dog and feed me the dog meat.

“But I don’t eat dog meat, and later it seemed like the dog was just as fine as before.”

“But since then, I’ve had a psychological shadow.

I’m afraid of seeing a dog, and I have nightmares of being bitten by a dog from time to time.”

After she finished speaking, when she saw Shen Liuchen looking at herself with a gloomy look, thinking that he was pitying her, she waved her hand carelessly.

“It’s okay! It’s been a long time.

Now when I see a dog, I will just make a detour.

Shen Liuchen ignored her and turned to go downstairs.

Song Jinxi, however, seemed to be so energized and followed him from behind.

She asked: “Do you know what the children were most afraid of in addition to dogs when they were in the countryside”

“It’s the goose.” She asked and answered herself.

“The goose is so terrible.

Its beak is very hard.

It’s especially painful when people get pecked by it.

They have super fighting power.

They often chase the children till they run and cry at the same time.

Their legs are obviously short, but they run very fast, and the children’s legs are also short, so they can’t outrun them at all, “she said vigorously, gesturing with hands and feet: “If you are caught up by them, you can only be thrown to the ground and be pecked.”

“It’s so pitiful, so miserable!”

“A dog can’t beat a goose sometimes.”

“Goose is really a nightmare in childhood nightmares.”

Shen Liuchen glanced at her and did not stop her from recalling things in her memory.

When they got to the teaching building, there were more people on the stairs, so she stopped talking and followed him quietly.

At the top of the stairs on the floor where the class is located, Shen Liuchen said that he was going to the office to ask the teacher a question.

Song Jinxi didn’t doubt him.

Thinking that she could go to the toilet, she nodded and left.

Shen Liuchen found the head teacher Shi Yahui in the office.

Only Shi Yahui and another teacher are in the office.

Teachers usually go to the dormitories prepared by the school to take a nap, and occasionally they will deal with things in the office when something happens.

Shi Yahui happened to have something today.

She is reading the notice of the Cultural Festival at the end of the month.

Seeing Shen Liuchen’s arrival, she nodded at him and continued to read the information on the computer.

Shen Liuchen went to her desk.

“Teacher,” he lowered his voice, “Why do you want Song Jinxi to sit next to me”

The movement of Shi Yahui’s hand paused, and said nonchalantly: “She has good grades.

You two can help each other by sitting together.”

After finishing speaking, she replied to a message on the computer before looking up at him.

“Don’t you like it” She asked.

Shen Liuchen shook his head slightly.

“She is a transfer student and a girl.

I can’t bear to let her sit alone when she just comes to a new environment.

But if it is because of getting her a deskmate and another student has to change the seat to sit alone, it is also not a good option.”

“She also said that she would try to sit at the same table with you for a few days first.

If you really can’t accept her, then I’ll let her sit in another desk by herself.”

Shi Yahui said so while carefully examining the young man’s expression, probingly asked: “So Do you still want to sit by yourself “


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