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But the young girl’s ‘first time’ drew his emotions, causing the corners of his mouth to slightly raise up.

Just as he took out the exercise book and hadn’t even written a few words yet, he heard her exclaim in a low voice: “Oh! Look at my eyes, there seems to be something in my eyes!”

Shen Liuchen didn’t want to pay attention to her, but after all he couldn’t help but worry.

He stopped writing and looked at her, only to see her wide eyes looking at himself.

Seeing him looking over, she blinked her eyes twice, selling her cuteness to him.

Shen Liuchen pursed his lips and his expression calm.

Song Jinxi, who is not afraid of death, said with a smile: “There is really something in my eyes.

The person that I like.”

Shen Liuchen: “…”

Song Jinxi: “I am a Shen Liuchen supremacist! Even if people in the world do not favor you, I will favor you the most!”

Shen Liuchen: “…”

In order to express his protest against her verbal harassment, Shen Liuchen silently took out a pack of tissues from the desk.

Then he took out one sheet and tore it into two pieces of the right size and kneaded them into two balls, and plugged both his ears.

Song Jinxi had no choice but to lie on the table in her spare time, boredly.

It wasn’t until the last class in the afternoon that Song Jinxi suddenly remembered the important task of her transmigration when she thought of Shen Liuchen going home after school and facing the disgusting old woman Zhang Meigui.

She slapped her forehead suddenly, and the voice was so loud that Shen Liuchen couldn’t help but frown.

There was something in her mind, and she didn’t notice what Shen Liuchen’s expression was.

She took out her mobile phone and looked at it in the drawer quietly.

She opened the web page and typed a few words in the input box.

She thought she had to check the relevant case information first.

After waiting for a few more days to get acquainted with the male god, she can pretend to have accidentally read the news and show him the case.

Let him understand that some of Zhang Meigui’s actions were strange, as to let him take precautions first.

After looking up the information for a while, she suddenly remembered the biology textbook for the second grade that had been prepared for her by the system before.

Because there was a simple introduction of sex knowledge on it, she could use it as an excuse to find a topic and chat with the male god, and then lead it to the key point….

She dug out the biology book for the second grade from her school bag and began to search the pages.

Shen Liuchen was attracted by her series of busy movements.

The corners of his eyes saw that she had stopped searching.

So, he couldn’t help but also stop what he was doing, and turned to see what she was looking at.

And what he saw…

What he saw, is the diagram of male and female reproductive system…

Shen Liuchen only glanced at it and turned away.

When he looked at Song Jinxi again, he saw that she was looking at that page with a serious face, as if thinking about something seriously…

Shen Liuchen: “…”

A senior high school student brought a junior high school biology book with her.

Is it just to see the diagram of the reproductive system in class

…Forget it.

He turned his head and continued to do his own thing.

After the first class bell rang, Shen Liuchen looked over and found that Song Jinxi was still on that page and staring at the front in a trance.

When the bell rang for the second time in class, the physics teacher walked into the classroom with the textbook in one hand and the experimental equipment in other hand.

Song Jinxi moved slowly to put the biology book away.

She opened the physics textbook that had been prepared.

Then, on the draft paper that was sandwiched in the book, the black mosquito coils were drawn circle after circle…

She was obsessed with thinking about her problems and was completely unaware that her series of actions from just now to the present seemed very easy to make people have strange associations.

Halfway through the class, the physics teacher asked a question, but the whole class couldn’t answer it, so the teacher looked at Shen Liuchen and asked him to get up and answer it.


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