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After all, in her eyes, some methods of handling could be considered to be ‘too severe’, but for Shen Liuchen, it could be said that he had already made a retrogressive choice.

Now, the words ‘I want to kill someone’ that he said remind her not to take it lightly.

Shen Liuchen’s blackening has not been cured yet, and she can’t be too arrogant because of being spoiled by him.

She can’t act like she is above others only by relying on his love and doting towards her.

Even if there is a cold war again between them in the future, she can’t be cold towards him for too long too.

Otherwise, what if after getting cold treatments from her time and again, he becomes abnormal again

She said hurriedly: “That Xu Lili has no brains and is still your brainless fan.

Don’t lower yourself into her level.”

Shen Liuchen wrapped his hand around her slender waist, his fingers moved slightly, and a strange look flashed across his eyes.

It’s just that he lowered his eyes and no one could see it.

“They are disrespectful to you.

I want to throw them all down to feed the sharks.” He made another faint remark again.

Song Jinxi: “…!!”

She forgot about this.

They are at sea now and it’s still very easy to kill a person.

If Shen Liuchen really wants Xu Lili and Lin An’an to die, he can just throw them into the sea and then create all kinds of alibi and evidence…

They are in the fictional world, and all kinds of legal settings are not as strict as in the real world.

In addition, the status of Shen Liuchen and the Shen family in X city makes it very easy for him to find two people to take the blame for him.

When the two walked to an empty corner, Song Jinxi pulled Shen Liuchen to her.

She leaned back against the wall and looked up at Shen Liuchen.

In Shen Liuchen’s puzzled eyes, she even stood on tiptoe and put her arms around his neck.

“Shen Liuchen.” She called softly.

Shen Liuchen made an ‘Um’ sound and looked at her quietly.

A trace of obsession flashed in his eyes.

“I unilaterally announced the end of the cold war.” Song Jinxi said.

“And now, I even slightly want a kiss…”

After all, more than a day has passed since she unilaterally announced the start of the cold war yesterday.

If it was before, Shen Liuchen would have kissed her long ago.

But now he lowered his head to cover the rolling movement of his Adam’s apple.

He rested his hands on the wall behind Song Jinxi and clenched his fists hard.

Song Jinxi couldn’t see his expression, so he could only guess at random.

He now has a slightly resisting expression, as if he still wants to kill someone, so he doesn’t even want a kiss anymore…

“Why don’t you kiss me!” She held Shen Liuchen’s face with one hand, held his cheek, and then looked into his eyes.

But he still refused to look at her.

Is this… a firm determination to kill

Song Jinxi squeezed her small fist and hit him on the chest, “Do you blame me for having a cold war with you, so you are having a temper too now”

Shen Liuchen grabbed her hand and pressed it on his chest.

Just as he looked at Song Jinxi again, Song Jinxi kissed him.

It was his most beloved woman who took the initiative to offer a kiss in his arms.

Even if he still wants to play some tricks, he could not resist the instinct of his body.

The hands seemed to have their own consciousness, and they buckled her around her waist to prevent her from tiptoeing too hard.

The other hand gently clasped her neck.

His breath intertwined with hers as he bit her pink lips, tickling the tip of her tongue to dance with his, robbing her of breath, and trying to drown her in his tenderness.

After a deep kiss, Song Jinxi was dizzy.

She leans against Shen Liuchen’s arms and breathes softly.

Her ears were pressed against his chest, and she heard his heartbeat, which was obviously out of rhythm.

It took a long time before she slowly regained her consciousness.


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