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When she spoke, her expression was serious and she didn’t say anything ironic at all.

Chen Wenwen smiled happily and showed her two small canine teeth.

“You are so good, and smart, and good-looking and you are also so kind.”

This girl is so lovely.

She could praise people so much.

Song Jinxi felt a little guilty, smiled and asked her not to praise anymore.

The other girl was also smiling sweetly beside her.

Before they knew it, the three had already reached the gate of the school.

There is a row of shops in front of the school.

In addition to the small restaurant and small eatery, there are also two grocery stores.

There are many kinds of things in the grocery store, including stationery and sports equipment.

In addition, there are more types of snacks.

There are also steamingly hot Oden, Taiwan sausages and barbecue meatballs.

Every time at noon or evening when the school is over, there will be a lot of students who visit there.

Chen Wenwen stopped for a while and said, “My mother just gave me pocket money last night.

I’ll treat you two to grilled sausages.”

Song Jinxi looked at the unusually lively store, and a trace of yearning flashed in her eyes.

“Okay,” she didn’t refuse, “I’ll treat you next time.”

Before the age of ten, she had always been an obedient little princess because of her parents’ teachings.

Mom and Dad said that the snacks on the side of the road were dirty, unclean, not nutritious, and could not be eaten, so she never bought them.

At one time, she saw other kids eating something like fried chicken and she felt really greedy.

Then she thought if it was her Mom who bought the materials and made them at home, it would look cleaner.

Later, after her parents divorced, they would give her grandma  a living allowance every month, and grandma would also give her pocket money, but Song Jinxi was never willing to use it.

She liked to save the money and buy some small gifts from time to time to please her grandma.

Over time, it seems that there is no desire for those snacks anymore.

In fact, her childhood can be said to be very boring, no snacks and no spicy glutens.

The only thing worth remembering is that every summer vacation she went to her grandma’s house in the countryside, and she would go up the mountain and down the river with her cousins in the countryside, and caught small frogs in the village.

Unfortunately, when she was 11 years old and went to junior high school, her grandma died of illness.

The eldest uncle inherited her grandmother’s house, but their family worked outside and usually didn’t live there.

There was no one in her hometown, so Song Jinxi never went back there anymore.

The monotonous and boring life of her childhood always makes her feel blocked every time she recalls it.

Especially every time when she recalled these, she would think of her grandma who died when she was still so young and it made her heart feel heavy.

Fortunately, Chen Wenwen soon came back with three grilled sausages, interrupting Song Jinxi’s memory.

Three grilled sausages, one for each of the three girls.

While eating the grilled sausages, they walked outside the Jinjiting community.

Unknowingly, they became a little more familiar with each other.

Friendship in school days is very simple.

Sometimes just having a snack together can make three people become familiar quickly.

The girl next to Chen Wenwen seemed a little shy.

She hadn’t spoken from beginning to end.

She just listened to the exchanges between the two girls and hasn’t introduced herself yet.

After Song Jinxi had eaten the sausage, she threw the bamboo skewers into a nearby trash can and nudged Chen Wenwen with her elbow.

“I still don’t know the name of this classmate yet.”

When the girl heard this, she turned her head slightly to look at her and said with a smile: “My name is Lin Huaxing.

I’m a little shy.


She just said these words and her face has been slightly burned up, just like putting on a blusher.

Too lovely.


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