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Song Jinxi has never seen such a girl who got shy so easily before.

She gave her a bright smile: “My name is Song Jinxi.”

Lin Huaxing smiled happily, “I know, your name sounds good.”

“So is yours.” Song Jinxi said.

Chen Wenwen, unwilling to be lonely, said hastily, “My name sounds good, too!”

The three looked at each other and laughed.

The three girls laid the foundation of friendship, so when they came to school the next day, Shen Liuchen discovered that Song Jinxi, a girl who he just hadn’t seen for one night——

Has defected!

She started to leave him alone, and went looking for her little sisters instead.

He had obviously only endured her nosiness for a day.

But now that she is suddenly not lingering around him anymore and no longer chirping in his ear, Shen Liuchen felt that he is not used to it.

It’s just like eight years ago.

The little girl only appeared in his life for less than half a day, but he was already used to her chirping so easily.

Once she calmed down, he felt something was wrong.

Right now everyone has just finished morning exercises, and Song Jinxi is still chatting with Chen Wenwen and others.

Although Chen Wenwen is not good-looking, she is more lovely than others.

Lin Huaxing is also a little beauty, and she is a classical kind one.

Plus Song Jinxi, a well-recognized prettiest student in the school…

When the three girls got together, they attracted the eyes of the vast majority of boys.

They just think that when they laugh, it looks so beautiful.

Their voices are also so good to listen to.

Seeing in the eyes, listening in the ears, what a complete audio-visual enjoyment.

Some of the boys took out their mobile phones, took a picture of them and sent it to the class QQ group.

Shen Liuchen silently took his pencil and pencil sharpener and went to the trash can at the back of the classroom to sharpen his pencil.

Suddenly he saw a newspaper on the shelf next to him.

The most obvious word in the newspaper is ‘empty nester’[1].

It should be news about the status quo of the empty nest elderly.

Shen Liuchen looks at the photo of the empty nest old man looking at the sky alone and inexplicably feels that he was a little like an empty nest old man now.

After finishing sharpening the pencil, the ‘Empty Nest Elder Shen Liuchen’ returned to his seat and silently took out an object from his schoolbag, which was a very intact item wrapped in white paper.

He gently unwrap the package in the drawer, and there is a well packed sugar lying quietly inside.

In fact, the sugar inside melted a long time ago.

After all, it has been eight years, and only the candy paper is still good.

But the color of the candy paper is not bright, giving people a feeling of fading after being left for too long.

The withered and faded candy paper lay quietly in the palm of Shen LIUCHEN’s hand.

When he was a child, such a candy could occupy half the space of his palm.

When he held the candy, the candy paper would be exposed on both sides of his palm.

But now, the candy is lying quietly in the palm of his hand, and when he grips the candy tightly, it can be completely wrapped in the palm of his hand…

The passage of time can be easily seen from the change of the proportion of candy paper.

Shen Liuchen tightened the candy in his hand, took a look at Song Jinxi, and gently placed the candy on the floor next to the foot of her chair.

He is making sure that Song Jinxi can see the candy when she pulls open the chair, and she won’t step on it accidentally.

After a while, the school bell rings, and Song Jinxi is finally willing to come back.

Seeing her reluctant to say goodbye to Chen Wenwen and the others, which was obviously just three groups away of a distance.

It was really unknown where so many reluctances came from.

Shen Liuchen also didn’t know why, but inexplicably he was a little bit angry.

[1] empty nester : elders that live alone after their younger family members move out.


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