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He felt that his mood had fluctuated greatly in the past two days, and the culprit was the girl who was walking this way.

However, compared with the previous him who only wanted to study, the present him is obviously more aware of himself, and that he seems to be more like a normal person.

A normal, living person who will be angry, happy, and emotionally affected by many trivial things.

Not like before, like a walking corpse.

Shen Liuchen stopped thinking and is sitting in his seat uprightly, holding a pen pretending to be reading and taking notes.

In fact, the corners of his eyes have been observing Song Jinxi’s movements.

When Song Jinxi came near, he felt even more frustrated when he heard her humming in a small voice.

In fact, looking back carefully, when she said a few words to him yesterday, he thought she was annoying.

Not only that, he also mercilessly expressed the impatience in his heart and told her to shut up and speak less.

At that time, he only thought that girls were troublesome, and he didn’t want to have any intersection with any girls at all, so he only wanted to be straightforward.

But now, with constant exploration, he began to regret it after he became more and more sure that Song Jinxi might be the little girl who disappeared inexplicably eight years ago.

He feels that a lot of what he said yesterday was too hurtful.

Compared with his malicious attitude, Chen Wenwen and others were willing to chat with her, and even chatted with her happily.

What’s more, they are all girls.

There must be many topics to talk about…

No wonder she’s so happy.

Compared with him, Chen Wenwen is simply her paradise.

The more Shen Liuchen thought about it, the more maddened he became.

His good-looking eyebrows were wrinkled, and his hand holding the pen was slightly tightened.

At the same time, there was another thing that bothered him.

He was not sure whether Song Jinxi had forgotten him or deliberately did not mention it to him.

The candy in front of him is the test object he threw out.

If Song Jinxi had forgotten him because she ‘died once’, that would be fine.

But if she clearly remembers him but refuses to recognize him…

What is the reason

He had to figure out why she didn’t want to recognize him.

He was sulking and feeling uneasy.

When the corner of his eye catched Song Jinxi suddenly lowered her head and picked up something from the floor.

He gently held his breath.

“Wow! Candy! …There doesn’t seem to have much in it.

” Song Jinxi took the candy and looked left and right.

She pulled open her chair, then sat down and said: “Besides, the candy paper seems to be a bit old.

It looks like it has expired for at least several years…”

Shen Liuchen turned his head.

He was just about to speak, but he didn’t know what to say.

Then he saw that Song Jinxi’s face suddenly changed.

The girl looked around the candy, as if looking for some information.

From the edge of the candy paper, she saw a shallow production date similar to a steel stamped one.

She looked at Shen Liuchen with eyes full of disbelief.

“This candy…where did it come from “

Shen Liuchen didn’t answer, thinking to himself that this question should be asked to herself instead.

Song Jinxi did not wait for his answer, but looked at the candy again and carefully glanced at Shen Liuchen, but did not dare to look at his expression attentively.

After the initial shock, she slowly calmed down and realized that she had been too surprised just now.

She was silent, then pulled out a fake smile with much difficulty and said, “I don’t know whose candy fell here.

It has expired for eight years and hasn’t been thrown away.

Aren’t they afraid of diarrhea after eating it He he… “

Shen Liuchen: He he…


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