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The male god does not speak and his attitude is not clear.

Song Jinxi looked at the candy in her hand and felt a little hot.

This candy, if she remembered correctly, seems to be the candy from ‘eight years ago’ that she stuffed into Shen Liuchen’s hand before she died.

‘Before she died’, she gave all the candies in her pocket to Shen Liuchen, but this candy was the most special.

Because among the six or seven candies, only the candy paper of this candy is her favorite light blue.

The candy that she even gave out three times but still failed at that time, why did it suddenly appear here now

Shouldn’t this thing disappear together with her ‘death’ at that time

She was still thinking, Shen Liuchen suddenly reached out his hand and took the candy from her hand.

“This is mine.” Song Jinxi doesn’t know if it’s her illusion or not, but she always felt his voice was a bit cold.

Song Jinxi said with a dry smile: “That…Your candy has expired, and it is also so dried up, it mustn’t be eaten.

If you eat it, you’ll have diarrhea.

What about just throwing it away “

Before she had finished her words, she saw Shen Liuchen’s expression sank.

The voice of the male god was colder than just now.

The male god’s voice was colder than before, “This is a gift from a very important friend of mine.”

“Important…friend…” Song Jinxi repeated his words slowly, her eyes turned around and her heart a mess.

That rubbish system also said that all the things and memories related to her in this world will be cleared with her ‘death’! As far as it seems, not at all.

What’s more, the memory of the male god doesn’t seem to disappear at all!

Could the system lie to her

Why did the system lie to her

However, although Shen Liuchen has made it so obvious, she can’t be so rash and test it directly.

After all, as far as her identity is concerned, many bugs can’t be explained.

In addition, she didn’t recognize him from the beginning…

With her head full of thought, Song Jinxi looked at Shen Liuchen quietly, but unexpectedly happened to see that he was also staring at her.

She quickly withdrew her eyes.

She looked left and looked right.

Finally, she couldn’t hold it anymore, got a little bit closer to him and asked in a small voice: “That…Shen Liuchen… “

“Could it be, that friend of yours is not by your side” She asked as if casually: “Why is an expired candy worth your keeping it for such a long time It’s not even a commemoration thing.

She finished this sentence, quietly squeezed out a sweat in her heart.

Shen Liuchen held the candy in his palm, seeming to be lost in memory, his voice was a little low as he said, “She is my life-saving benefactor.”

After that, seeing that Song Jinxi’s expression was stiff, he added: “Not only did she saved me from the hands of the traffickers and saved me from the pain of broken legs, she also helped me block the attack of the poisonous snake when we rolled down the mountain together…”

This is remembering everything!

Song Jinxi almost directly spit out a mouthful of old blood.

She turned her head rigidly and her expression changed.

Annoyed, worry, fear, anger… All kinds of expressions gathered on one face.

In order not to let other students see her incomprehensible expression, she put her face on the  with her hands as the pillow.

There is a little figure of herself in her heart that was beating the ground crazily.

Oh, heaven!

He actually remembered!

He actually remembered it all!

Remember even all the details!

No wonder he kept asking strange questions when they met for the first time yesterday.

He remembered her appearance.

Even though she has grown up, she is still a little bit like herself when she was a child, but her age and height are not right.

Therefore, he slowly asked questions one by one slowly eliminating all kinds of impossible assumptions.


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