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He asked her if she was kidnapped when she was still a child.

At that time, she found a trafficker by herself and was voluntarily taken away by the trafficker.

If she had to say it, then it would be ‘swindle’ rather than ‘kidnapped’, so she directly denied his question.

She has never been kidnapped.

He asked her whether she was short when she was a child, not to tease her from her physical defects, but to confirm whether it was her.

After getting her negative answer again, he turned his eyes to ‘her sister”.

On the last transmigration, the system pinched her body as a ‘five-year-old child’.

At that time, Shen Liuchen was seven years old.

She was not only two years younger than him, but also much shorter.

The transmigration this time, the body she used was the body of a ‘16-year-old girl’ and Shen Liuchen, because he had skipped two grades in elementary school, was only 15 years old now, which is one year younger than her now…

And she still has to be very mentally disabled.

She thought that he really wanted to know about Song Jinnan.

It turned out that she was jealous of herself and put on a cuckold label for herself…

It will be a very big joke if she is to say it out loud!

What can she do now

The male god actually remembers everything.

She thought about it again.

She was so ambitious yesterday that she dared to tease him and wanted to seduce him to fall in love with her…

Fortunately, he said he doesn’t want puppy love.

But she had already spoken out of those awkward, loving words.

What ‘you belong to me’, what ‘my heart ache’, what ‘Shen Liuchen supremacist’…

Now that she thinks about it, she really regrets it so much that she feels like having a toothache.

She just wants to go back in time, let her go back and slap herself at that time, wake up well and sober up, don’t tease people blindly even if she has nothing to do.

It’s easy to have a mishap if one teases blindly.

Maybe it will even bring out some human tragedy.

What’s fortunate in the misfortune is, after Shen Liuchen’s action of directly blocking his ears with a paper ball, she didn’t say much more yesterday…

If he turns over the old account that day, every sentence could even be a testimony in court!

Then, should she admit that she actually knows him now

However, she did not recognize him from the beginning, and now he may not believe her if she rashly said she knew him.

Thinking about it carefully, it seems that the timing of the candy’s appearance is not quite right.

Could it be that the male god used it to test her Is the male god already suspecting that she is the little girl from ‘eight years ago’

No, no, their height and age did not match up.

Besides, she ‘died’ in his arms ‘eight years ago’.

She stopped breathing in his arms.

Even if he had doubts, he will only guess that she is the little girl’s sister, not the little girl herself.

Thinking of this, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

But then again, she feels as if she has forgotten some loophole setting…

However she tried hard to remember, she can’t find anything.


She whimpered softly, crying without tears.

Otherwise, just do the task and say nothing else.

Just pretend that she really has amnesia, pretend that she is not the person from ‘eight years ago’, and then keep an absolute safe distance from the male god.

This time, she must not get too familiar with him anymore.

The friendship between them could only be the most common friendship between deskmates, and could never go beyond the limit.

Otherwise, if she moved his heart and she died, wouldn’t he be heartbroken by then

When they were young, they were just ordinary friends.

In addition, at that time, they were very young and it was easy for them to forget things.

He will only remember that a friend who he only knew for less than half a day, had died.

Now both of them have grown up, at the beginning of love age, began to like a person ignorantly.

The death of a friend he hasn’t known for a long time, and the death of a beloved…


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