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Although she had never experienced it, she tried putting herself in it and thought about it…

Losing a loved one can cause more harm to a person than losing an ordinary friend who that person has not known for a long time yet.

——Although the male god will not necessarily regard her as his beloved.

But what if!

She can’t take this risk.

To sum it up, the two of them absolutely must keep a distance.

From now on, she…

The desk was suddenly knocked lightly, interrupting her thinking.

Song Jinxi got up from the desk and turned her head to look, only to see Shen Liuchen signaled with his head towards the platform.

Song Jinxi turned her head to look at the teacher on the platform.

Seeing that the teacher and the classmates were all looking at her, she stood up silently and lowered her head.

“Is this classmate feeling unwell” the physics teacher asked.

The physics teacher is a female student who just graduated.

She is more tolerant towards the students.

Many students in the class like her.

Song Jinxi also felt that this teacher was very gentle.

When the students lie on the desk in class and don’t listen to the class, instead of blaming, she first asks if they are uncomfortable.

Under such gentle care, even if the students really don’t want to listen to the class at the beginning, they should also be moved and listen to the next lecture seriously, right

“I’m sorry, teacher.

I had a headache just now, so I lay down.” She’s got a real headache, and it’s hurting now.

She was thinking too much about the problem.

“If you feel uncomfortable, you can have a rest.

If you have any lesson that you don’t understand, you can ask Shen Liuchen, who happens to be your deskmate, after class.” The teacher said.

Song Jinxi nodded, “Thank you, teacher.”

The physics teacher waved her hand to her, told her to sit down, and continued the lecture.

Not daring to really ask Shen Liuchen, Song Jinxi obediently turned out the textbook and began to listen to the class seriously.

If it was yesterday, she would have taken the opportunity to not attend the class and would have it as an excuse to harass Shen Liuchen after the class is over.

Where would she start preparing to keep a distance from the male god like today

Song Jinxi listened to this lesson very attentively.

She flew out like a bird with wings after the class was over, and ran to find Chen Wenwen and the others to chat with them.

She didn’t see Shen Liuchen sitting in his seat and looking at her back, while his eyes slightly darkened.

Now she is thinking about how to find an opportunity to let Shen Liuchen quickly establish a sense of self-protection.

It’s best to completely solve the hidden danger of Zhang Meigui and make a quick decision about it.

…… Since the male god still remembers her, it means that what the system said is likely to deceive her.

Although she doesn’t understand the purpose of the system for deceiving her, it seems like she will be able to ask someone for help now.

That is Fang Yuming, who rescued Shen Liuchen from the sea of suffering ‘eight years ago’.

Fang Yuming is a good policeman with a sense of responsibility.

If she tells Fang Yuming that Zhang Meigui intends to molest Shen Liuchen, Fang Yuming should at least visit Shen Liuchen’s house…

This idea is feasible, and Song Jinxi immediately decided that she would go to Fang Yuming within this week at the latest.

When the task is completed, she will immediately ‘die’.

She was so absorbed with her own thought that she didn’t even hear it when Chen Wenwen asked her questions.

It was not until Chen Wenwen pushed her arm that she regained her senses.

“Sorry, I’m in a daze just now.

What’s the matter”

Chen Wenwen leaned in her ear again, and asked the question in a low voice: “Have you noticed that Shen Liuchen’s face seems a bit wrong today He doesn’t seem to be happy…”

Song Jinxi was silent.

She wanted to look back to see what Shen Liuchen’s expression was, but she was a little scared and didn’t dare to look back.

“Is he upset because you have been talking to us” Chen Wenwen asked.


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