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Song Jinxi quietly glanced at Shen Liuchen and saw that he was lowering his head to do his homework.

Then she felt relieved to size him up quietly from the gap between Chen Wenwen and Lin Huaxing.

The thought of not being able to tease him casually and keeping a distance from him made her feel uncomfortable and stuffy.

Chen Wenwen was still waiting eagerly for her to answer the question.

Song Jinxi sighed deeply, reluctantly found an excuse, and said: “It cannot be said as a quarrel too.”

“Just now, he accidentally dropped something on the floor and I happened to pick it up.

That thing is very important to him, but I don’t know about it…Instead, I criticized that thing for being too old and almost threw it in the trash can, so he was somewhat angry with me.” She said the half-truth.

“I see…” Chen Wenwen has the ‘it turned out to be like this’ kind of expression.

She secretly glanced at Shen Liuchen and asked curiously: “What is it He even cherishes it so much I thought he didn’t pay attention to anything except studying every day.

“It’s… it’s just a small keepsake.” Song Jinxi smiled.

With a look of not willing to explain more.

Chen Wenwen saw her spiritless appearance and thought that she didn’t want to recall the event, so she put a hand on the back of her hand and patted her placidly.

“Don’t be too concerned about it.

What about you go and apologize to him”

Song Jinxi nodded in silence.

After a while, it’s time for the next class again.

Song Jinxi returned to her seat in silence.

She doesn’t know whether it was her illusion or not, she always felt that there was a low air pressure around Shen Liuchen, which made her afraid to breathe hardly.

In the morning, there was a long break between the second class and the third class.

After class, Song Jinxi didn’t go to Chen Wenwen again.

Instead, she kept sitting in her seat, looking for a chance to talk to Shen Liuchen.

However, Shen Liuchen has been facing her with his back since the class was over and lazily propped his head with one hand, seems to be looking out the window.

She does not know whether he was really looking at the scenery outside the window, or simply does not want to pay attention to her.

Finally, she couldn’t help it anymore, and poked his arm with a pen.

“That, Shen Liuchen…”

He turned around a little, and the long phoenix eyes were watching her quietly.

“I shouldn’t have said so about that candy just now.

I didn’t know it was so important to you.

Don’t be angry anymore, okay” She finished and gave him a flattering smile.

Unfortunately, the mood of male god did not get better because of her apology.

Song Jinxi always feels that his gazes were a little bit wrong and sharp, which makes her feel like she has been looked through and has nowhere to escape.

There was a smile at the corner of his mouth, as if there was some irony, and the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

Such a male god is too scary…

There is a feeling of blackening on the spot.

Did he blackened just because she touched his candy

Song Jinxi moved her body anxiously and the fingers on her hands that were hanging on her thighs kept tapping each other.

After a long time of making blind and disorderly conjectures in her mind, the teenager on the opposite side still didn’t speak.

Song Jinxi looked up anxiously, but saw that his eyes were slightly narrowed.

She always has the feeling that he is calculating something!

Song Jinxi was startled, and a faint cold feeling rose behind her.

She hurriedly said: “You can tell me to do anything but just don’t get angry, okay And don’t smile like this too, I’m afraid of it…” As she spoke, her voice became weaker and weaker.

After she was done, she slowly lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Shen Liuchen’s eyes.

She didn’t see that after she said the words ‘I’m afraid of it’, Shen Liuchen’s face became stiff.

The hands on the table clenched slowly, as if forbearing something.

A sense of frustration flashed through his eyes.

He rubbed his forehead and sighed softly.

Song Jinxi waited for a long time, but she didn’t get his answer.

She couldn’t help being a little bit lost and didn’t know how to please him.


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