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But she looked at the class schedule again.

This class is a psychology class, which is only once a week.

Even if she went to the psychology teacher immediately after class to propose it, to spread the awareness of self-protection to the students in class, she will have to wait until next week at the earliest.

She can’t wait that long.

She can’t even wait to leave now.

As a result, the light that had just lit up went out immediately.

Song Jinxi was a little worried for a moment.

She took a lot of books and piled them on the desk to block the teacher’s line of sight, and then lay on the desk, and began to think hard.

Perhaps because this is a psychology class, but it is rare for Shen Luchen to not listen to the class lesson seriously.

Seeing her being so listless, it was the first time that he took the initiative to whisper to her in class.

“What’s the matter with you” He asked in a low voice.

The male god took the initiative to care about her!

Song Jinxi’s eyes lit up, and she immediately came up with an idea.

She was still lying on the table, looking at him sadly, and then sighed deeply.

“I watched the news last night and felt a little uncomfortable.”

Seeing Shen Liuchen’s face full of doubt, she got up, leaned closer to him and lowered her voice: “I just feel that our country’s current education on youth self-protection is not very good, or even did not exist at all.”

Shen Liuchen seems to be in deep thought.

Song Jinxi suppressed her excitement and continued: “I accidentally saw the news in this area yesterday, and then searched for the keyword and found that many children had been molested by people around them when they were young.

Most of them were done by acquaintances.

Only a small part of them are done by strangers.

See, see…”

As she said so, she took out her mobile phone, and opened the web pages that she had collected before, and handed it to Shen Liuchen.

Shen Liuchen glanced at the screen roughly, frowned slightly, and looked at her with inquiring eyes.

Song Jinxi didn’t think about what his thoughts were, and said: “Moreover, not only little girls are easier to get molested, but the little boys too.

Those adults are really disgusting! I think the country should issue relevant laws to protect the children and arrest all the bad guys who are trying to reach their claws out to the children! “

Shen Liuchen only gave a faint “Um” sound, turned and sat uprightly.

Seeing that his reaction was so cold, Song Jinxi felt a little dissatisfied.

She proficiently poked his elbow with a pen.

When he turned his head to look at her impatiently, she immediately gave him a sweet smile.

“There is no knowledge in psychology class.

Let’s talk and have a chat.” She said and once again handed the mobile phone to Shen Liuchen, motioning him to read the content: “Do you really have no opinion on this news”

“What do you want my opinion to be” Shen Liuchen asked.

“That is…Don’t you think it’s very necessary for schools to instill in students the idea of taking good care of themselves What’s more, sometimes this kind of thing happens in schools.

There are also teachers who not only do not deserve the respect as a teacher but also do not deserve to be role models.”

Shen Liuchen was silent for a long time and said, “You are right.”

“Isn’t it so, isn’t it so I think I’m right, too! ” Song Jinxi blinked at him, as if she had found an alliance, and continued to whisper: “So I want to say, I think the psychology teacher can be used for this purpose, because he is a psychology teacher, and it’s all was to let the students have a healthy attitude to study and live under the sun, right”

Shen Liuchen: “Yeah.”

“Only one ‘yeah’, huh” Song Jinxi frowned and expressed her dissatisfaction.

Shen Liuchen asked indifferently, “Otherwise, what do you want me to say”

Song Jinxi opened her mouth and thought for a long time, it seems like…

She can’t expect too much from him.

She sat back slowly, thought about it for a while, and leaned over again.

“Then do you know how those bad guys usually molest children”

Her irresistible posture caused Shen Liuchen to sigh softly.

“I don’t know.” He said.


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