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Song Jinxi: “That’s…For example, excessively getting close to you intimately! Doing something that does not adhere to the social norm.”

Shen Liuchen probably guessed her purpose and understood that she would not give up easily.

He even doubted whether the appearance of the girl this time was related to this topic

Is it related to the dilemma he is facing now

It was as if every time she appeared, it happened when he was facing a difficult situation.

“For example…” Song Jinxi was still thinking seriously.

When she looked up at her, she clenched her fist and said, “For example, using a lot of strength to pinch the butt of a cute little girl! It’s really disgusting!”

Up to now, she can still vaguely recall the feeling at that time.

She always felt it was more disgusting than being bitten by a poisonous snake.

Those villains who extended their mysterious claws to children should just die in place!

When Song Jinxi came back to her senses, she found that Shen Liuchen’s eyes were slightly dark, and he was looking at her thoughtfully.

She felt a little guilty when he gazed at her.

Thinking at the time when Xu Mingjie pinched her little butt, Shen Liuchen was not with her.

Fortunately, she didn’t lose her tongue and say the matter about Xu Mingjie pinching her chin, otherwise the male god might be suspicious.

She smiled and said, “Why are you looking at me like this I saw this on the Internet.

I haven’t encountered it myself.”

It’s so obvious that the more she tries to hide, the more she is exposed.

Shen Liuchen lowered his eyes and did not speak.

Song Jinxi cleared her throat, took out her mobile phone and whispered to him: “I will check the news again to see how those innocent little girls and boys are molested.”

With that, she turned on her mobile phone to search quickly, and then checked the information for the entire class’ time.

A lesson just passed like this.

The psychology teacher is a very decent teacher.

Five minutes before the end of the class, he finished the content of the lesson and began to let the students ‘study by themselves’ quietly.

In fact, it’s just to wait until the class is over.

As soon as the bell rang, he just said ” The class is over” and he was the first to get out of class.

The last class in the morning was physical education.

The boys followed the teacher and ran out scampering.

The girls also walked out of the classroom in twos and threes.

Chen Wenwen and Lin Huaxing came to Song Jinxi and asked if she wanted to go down together with them.

Song Jinxi made an excuse saying that she has something else to do, and Chen Wenwen says that she will be waiting for her on the playground and has left with Lin Huaxing.

After a while, there were only a very few students left in the classroom.

Shen Liuchen and Song Jinxi are two of them.

Shen Liuchen was reading English words.

Song Jinxi handed her mobile phone and put it directly onto his book.

“Look at these, there are so many cases.

For example, touch your hand, pat your head with that kind of ambiguous motion, or touch your thigh, pat your back…These are all considered molesting.”

Shen Liuchen frowned slightly and asked, “Isn’t patting hand considered a normal movement”

“No!” Song Jinxi retorted loudly: “Some people seem to be patting the back of your hand, but they are actually taking the opportunity to molest you.

Their patting on the back of your hand is kind of different from the ordinary pats.”

Shen Liuchen’s sword shaped eyebrows are slightly raised.

“Or I’ll show it to you” Song Jinxi asked tentatively.

When this question was out of her mouth, she felt that Shen Liuchen might refuse her, with 99.99% certainty.

She never expected that Shen Liuchen would give her the answer with the probability of only 0.01%.

He nodded.

Song Jinxi was stunned.

She was so surprised that it took her a long time to react.

Oh, my God!

Does this mean that she is going to touch the hand of the male god

Although she held hands with the male god when she was a child, she didn’t seem to have time to experience the feeling of holding the hands of the male God because of the urgent task at that time.

She was just feeling a little happy.

And they were both still young at that time.

Even if they held hands, it was just pure friendship.

She would not think about it at all.

Now, the male god’s hands have become more slender and better looking than they were when he was a child, and his skin is also very delicate and natural.

No wonder some people on the Internet always say licking the screen[1]…

If these hands are placed on the Internet, there will be many people who say they want to lick the screen.

[1] licking the screen: Internet buzzwords, where one can’t help but want to stick out their tongue and lick the screen when they see a picture they liked or lovely picture on the computer, which is a way of expressing their love, that made people even want to lick a bit across the screen.

This is an exaggerated rhetoric.


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