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“Even if I like her, so what She doesn’t like me anyway.” Shao Feipeng smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Coward.” Hong Siyuan scorned him.

“If you like her, then go after her, no matter if she has someone she likes.

It seems that Shen Liuchen, that kind of nerd god of learning, will not be enlightened so early.

Is this corner stable or not, it still need you to dig it out yourself to know it… “

As he was talking, the two people on duty over there seemed to have finished cleaning.

Shen Liuchen handed the broom to Song Jinxi and took the trash can to take out the trash.

On the other side.

Song Jinxi watched Shen Liuchen drift away, while she stood in place with the broom in her hand.

There is a drain, that was neither too big nor too small, between the plastic track and the court.

She pokes her toes in boringly, pulls them back, sticks them in again, and pulls them back again.

Finally, she wants to stick both toes in and try to see if she can stand firm on it.

At this moment, a basketball flew over and hit Song Jinxi’s in the head.

Her head was smashed askew by the ball and Song Jinxi only had time to groan before her body was directly brought to the ground by the gravity.

Sadly, the tip of her foot was still stuck in the drain.

When she fell to the ground, it so naturally sprained her foot.

Her head hurts, her foot hurt, and even her butt hurts…

Song Jinxi feels so painful that her tears fall down too.

She heard the sound of someone running towards her and quickly lowered her head to wipe away her tears.

The tears had just been wiped away, and when she looked up, she saw someone squatted down in front of her.

Her eyes were still a little hazy.

Seeing that it was Shen Liuchen, she quickly wiped her tears again with the other hand till it was dry.

Seeing that he looked at herself anxiously and asked if she was seriously injured, she pulled out a smile.

She shook her head and said, “It’s fine, it doesn’t hurt.”

Shen Liuchen lowered his head and naturally saw her bare ankles.

The ankle was a little red and swollen, which coincides with the scene eight years ago.

He stretched out his hand unexpectedly and squeezed it lightly.

“You called this fine” He looked at her with a deep gaze, and the expression on his face was indistinguishable.

Song Jinxi: “Oh!! It hurtttsssss!!! She grabbed his wrist with both hands and begged, “Don’t squeeze it any more…”

The girl’s miserable and pitiful appearance is obviously very pitiful, and Shen Liuchen does feel sorry for her.

is obviously very pitiful, and Shen Liuchen does feel sorry for her.

It’s just that when this scene overlaps with the scene in his memory from eight years ago, the distress is gradually replaced by another emotion.

Look, it’s really her.

In order not to worry him, she pretended to be fine every time.

She is as stubborn as how she used to be.

He restrained the trace of joy in his heart, and put one of his hands around Song Jinxi’s shoulders, and the other hand supporting the curve of her leg, then, regardless of her struggle, he lifted her up horizontally.

“Don’t move.

If you move again, I will throw you down.” He threatened in her ear.

He was a little close, and there was a warm breath on her face when he spoke, and the threatening tone was even more unkind.

Song Jinxi immediately felt terrified.

She obediently took her hands and clasped them on her chest and quietly turned her face towards his chest.

Trying to avoid the probing gaze of everyone around.

Shen Liuchen was amused by her somewhat irritated appearance, and a faint smile was drawn from the corner of her mouth.

Just before he left, when he turned his gaze towards the two culprits by his side, his smile suddenly disappeared.

Hong Siyuan and Shao Feipeng didn’t expect that things would turn out like this.

Their original intention was to hit Song Jinxi gently, so that they could come to talk to her.

They didn’t expect that the throw which was neither heavy nor light just smashed the person directly to the ground, and even made her cry.

Just now they wanted to help Song Jinxi, but they found that Shen Liuchen ran faster than them, so they could only stand aside and pretend to be a wooden man.

In trying to be smart they made themselves look foolish, but they also felt very honored to see Shen Liuchen showing his rare gentle side.

They saw Shen Liuchen comforting Song Jinxi, and finally holding Song Jinxi horizontally…

They looked at each other and both saw the word from each other’s eyes.


When Shen Liuchen looked at them, the two hurried up to apologize, but Shen Liuchen just directly walked away holding the person.

…… This is, not giving them the opportunity to apologize.

They always feel that the punishment is still behind them.

What to do now

The two boys felt distressed.


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