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Zheng Yanyu was told by the teacher to stay and recite the text today, and it took her nearly half an hour to pass it.

When she came downstairs with her school bag and her deskmate Zhou Xiaoxiao arm in arm, she happened to see Shen Liuchen carrying Song Jinxi and went into the teaching building next to the playground.

Zhou Xiaoxiao bumped Zheng Yanyu with her elbow, “Isn’t that your Shen-school-grass Why did he carry another girl “

Zheng Yanyu bit her lip and shook her head with a pale face.

With this expression of hers, Zhou Xiaoxiao’s brain instantly made up a lot of stories about a third party stepping in.

“Let’s go and have a look.” She said, pulling Zheng Yanyu to catch up, but Zheng Yanyu stopped her.

Looking at Zheng Yanyu’s hesitant and sad face, she feels exasperated towards her for failing to meet the expectation.

“Your Shen-school-grass is carrying another girl.

And you still don’t want to go and have a look”

Zheng Yanyu reluctantly pulled out a smile, “That girl may be injured, so Brother Chenchen carried her.

The infirmary is in the teaching building over there.

They should be going to the infirmary, right “

“Even if she is injured, why is it not another boy who carried her, but your Shen-school-grass I heard them say that a very beautiful senior sister has been transferred to their class, and she is still at the same table with Shen-school-grass.

It won’t be that senior sister, right “

Zheng Yanyu’s face turned even more ugly.

She lowered her head and said in a stuffy voice: “I’ve seen her.

She’s really beautiful and knows how to do make up very well.

Her face is white and clean and with lip gloss on, she looks very energetic.

Especially good looking.”

“Oh, you!” Zhou Xiaoxiao poked Zheng Yanyu’s forehead, “Your childhood sweetheart brother is going to be taken away by another girl, and you still praise that the person is good-looking.

Even if she is good-looking, so what Having a fox’s face, she only knows how to hook up with other people’s boyfriends every day.

“That’s not it.

Brother Chenchen and I are not in that boyfriend-girlfriend relationship…” Zheng Yanyu said hurriedly.

“Even if you are not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, so what Didn’t you grow up together Growing up together, you guys would have feelings towards each other.

If there is no other girl in your way, both of you will definitely be together.

Zheng Yanyu raised her hand and wiped her eyes.

Zhou Xiaoxiao was anxious.

She lowered her head to take a look and saw that she was crying secretly, and she suddenly became angry.

“Let’s go and have a look! Never let a good boy like your Shen-school-grass be abducted by a vixen.

She is only in high school but already uses makeup.

Won’t she be afraid that cosmetics will destroy her face Really disgusting.”

Zheng Yanyu felt gratified by the righteous indignation of her deskmate.

Her evaluation and malicious speculation of Song Jinxi are in line with Zheng Yanyu’s will.

But Zheng Yanyu knew that no matter what, they must not follow them today.

Once Zhou Xiaoxiao knew that Shen Liuchen was not familiar with her, the false news she had spread before would be broken, and she did not know how the students around her would look at her.

She pulled Zhou Xiaoxiao, shook her head and said, “We can’t go there.

When I get home, I will ask Brother Chenchen.

If we go there now, if the senior sister is doing it intentionally and Brother Chenchen is innocent, we would have stepped into her trap.”

Zhou Xiaoxiao thought about it carefully, it seems like the reason is right and she nodded.

“What you said is right.

It’s still you who are smarter and could think deeper.

If that senior sister pretends to be injured on purpose, and Shen-school-grass sends her to the infirmary out of the friendship between deskmates, but we still go there to condemn her, then he will surely think that we are both narrow-minded.

At that time, maybe he will listen to the slander of that senior sister saying that you are not a good person.


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