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“Then when you go home at night, you must ask him and tell him that you don’t like seeing him get too close to other girls.” Zhou Xiaoxiao said, “You just have to act like a baby with him.

Boys like girls that act coquettishly with him most.

You just coquettishly say that he can only carry you alone.

When he sees that you care about him so much, he will keep a distance from other girls in the future.”

Zheng Yanyu bit her lip and nodded.

With her head hanging down, she was pulled by Zhou Xiaoxiao and walked towards the school gate.

After taking two steps, Zhou Xiaoxiao thought that it was wrong.

She stopped and said, “It shouldn’t be like this.

What if we go to the school infirmary not to condemn the senior sister, but pretend to care about her.

While we are at it, we may ask Shen-school-grass too whether he wants to go home with you or not.

That way, we can snatch him away from the senior sister.”

For the first time, Zheng Yanyu felt that it was not a good thing for Zhou Xiaoxiao to talk too much.

So, she shook her head.

“Brother Chenchen doesn’t like the rumors about us spreading around.

His family will scold him.

His family is very strict with him, if they know that we…It’s very likely that I won’t be allowed to go to his house again in the future, and they will even guard against me.

Zhou Xiaoxiao frowned, “How can his parents be like this It won’t even affect his study.

Zheng Yanyu smiled, “Maybe it’s because they are afraid it will affect his study.

After all, Brother Chenchen’s grades are so good, and he may even get into B University in the future.”

“That’s also true…” Zhou Xiaoxiao thought for a while, “Otherwise, you can tell his parents what you saw today.

In this way, you don’t have to be the villain.

His parents will surely educate him and let him have less contact with the girls in the school in the future.”

Zheng Yanyu nodded, a coldness flashed in her eyes.

“You can even tell his parents that you will supervise him at school.

In this way, if you stand on his parents’ side, his parents may allow you to be together often.

Zheng Yanyu smiled sweetly.

“Xiaoxiao, you are so smart.”

Zhou Xiaoxiao raised her chin and gave a light hum, “I have always been so smart.”


Shen Liuchen and Song Jinxi did not notice Zheng Yanyu and Zhou Xiaoxiao at all.

When they rushed to the infirmary,the school doctor happened to close the door with her bag on her back.

When she saw a tall boy hugging a girl, this combination of handsome man and beautiful girl, she was stunned at first, and then immediately opened the door.

After understanding the condition, she let Song Jinxi sit on the narrow hospital bed, poured out a bit of medicinal oil for treating bruises and injuries on her hand, and gently massaged Song Jinxi.

While asking her how she sprained her ankle.

Song Jinxi only said that she was smashed by the ball and accidentally sprained her foot when she fell, carefully concealing the shameful fact.

If she let Shen Liuchen know about her act in stepping on the drain because she was bored, and her toes are trapped in the J shaped hole, which is why she sprained her ankle so seriously, with that poisonous tongue of his, she really doesn’t know how she will be ridiculed by him.

The school doctor listened and believed in her story.

She showed a clearly understanding look and said, “All of you beautiful girls, when you go to the playground, you must be careful.

Those stinky boys can’t seem to find any other way to hook up with girls except hitting them with the ball every day.”

It seems that, as the school doctor, she was used to seeing young boys using these infamous methods to strike up conversation, and she understood it very well.

“Every time in physical education class, there are always one or two girls covering their heads and saying that they have been smashed.

Say, if you want to strike up a conversation with the little girl, it’s fine if they just use the ball and hit the other party lightly.

But each and every one is as strong as an ox, and the result is always fatal when they smash the other party.

As if smashing their enemy.

No wonder girls don’t want to talk to them like this.”

Generally, most of the school teachers will keep a close eye on the obscure goodwill among students, for fear of them falling in love too early.

The school doctor doesn’t seem to mind these.

TN: Finally, a new story is here.

The synopsis :

Why The Big Villain Hasn’t Run Away (WVHRA)

Yan Luqing was reading a heart-abuse novel of the year when she was on the plane.

Among them, the most popular is not the male lead and female lead, but the villain who has been persecuted by countless lunatics, Gu Ci.

When Gu Ci was young, his beauty was infinite, but his family’s financial situation fell behind and his parents were retaliated by their enemies.

His beautiful obsidian-like eyes were blinded by poison.

And in the end, he was secretly ‘hidden’ by a mentally ill woman who had a crush on him.

After experiencing all this, the young man who was originally like a breeze and misty moon was completely blackened.

Who does not feel heartache for a beauty who was strong but miserable Yan Luqing also felt her heart ache and scolded that mentally ill woman very angrily.

Who knows that when the plane crashed, she became the female partner, who tried to monopolize Gu Ci, that everyone shouts to beat.

The time happened to be the first day of the ‘Hiding Gu Ci In The Golden House’.

Recalling the female partner’s end that was more inferior than the pigs and dogs in the original book, Yan Luqing: …Oh

The female partner in the original book deserves that kind of ending, but Yan Luqing can not commit the same mistakes.

From the first day onwards, she will serve delicious food and drink to raise the big villain well.

It was called ‘Hiding Gu Ci’ but in reality it was actually enshrining and worshipping him.

She treats Gu Ci’s eyes and buys whatever he wants to eat, even if he wants the stars she will pick them for him.

If he wants flowers, she will pull them out and make a wreath for him.

Even the flowers at home are all pulled bald.

So two months later, according to the original plot, it was the day for Gu Ci to escape.

Yan Luqing breathed a sigh of relief.

The big villain doesn’t have to do it himself because she opened the door wide in a very proactive and catering manner, and said to him: “Congratulations, you are free now.”

Gu Ci looked at her for a long while, his beautiful black eyes darkened, and he suddenly smiled: “What if I said, I don’t want freedom”

Yan Luqing: “”

What about your business empire What about your ambition for revenge D*mn, that’s not how the script was played!


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