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“Yes yes yes.

Shen Liuchen.

I’ve heard of his name.

I heard that he’s always the first in the grade.

The teachers like him very much.

They all admire Yahui’s good luck.

She’s your head teacher by the way.

Song Jinxi’s smile bloomed and didn’t say anything.

Listening to others praise the male god makes her more happy than listening to them praise herself.

“And you How come I haven’t seen you before ” The school doctor asked again.

Song Jinxi: “I just transferred from another school.

I only transferred yesterday.”

“It turned out to be like this.

If there is such a beautiful little girl in our school, and she is also from Yahui’s class, why didn’t I know about it… Are you guys in the same class”

Song Jinxi nodded, “Yes, we sat at the same table.”

The school doctor smiled, took a paper towel and wiped the residual oil on her hands, then stood up.

“I haven’t had a meal with Yahui for a long time, so I didn’t know the news,” she said and added an explanation: “Shi Yahui, your head teacher, she and I are college classmates, and we often eat together when we have nothing to do.”

Song Jinxi gave her a sweet smile and got her cheek pinched by the school doctor.

“So cute.” The school doctor said, “Lie on the bed and let me have a look.”

Song Jinxi turned around obediently and pointed to the place where she felt it faintly hurt, “It’s here.

It hurts a bit here.”

The school doctor pressed the place she pointed through her pants, confirmed that there was nothing serious, and told her to buy a bottle of safflower oil by herself, then let her mother rub it for her when she went home.

Then opened the infirmary’s door.

Shen Liuchen was waiting outside.

As soon as the school doctor opened the door, he looked inside the infirmary.

When the school doctor saw that he cared about Song Jinxi so much, a smile flashed across her eyes.

She stood at the door looking at Song Jinxi, saw her slowly getting down and said: “It’s not easy for you to walk because of your swollen ankle.

What about letting this male classmate take you home”

Song Jinxi’s head, in a rare occasion, suddenly brightened up.

She absolutely, can not, let the male god know where she lives.

Her current residence was arranged by the system, and the system found her a three bedroom suite in the community by the gate of Jinjiting community.

The owners of the suite have all settled abroad, and the house is handed over to the intermediary agent for rent.

The system directly arranges her in there but the truth is, she has not gone through any legal procedures, and the intermediary agent also did not have her check-in record.

But the system also said that in a short period of time, the intermediary agent will not remember the house, so that she can live there at ease.

When she completes the task and returns to the real world, no one will find that a person has once lived there.

But if she delays too long and lives for a long time there, accidents will inevitably happen.

Therefore, it is important to finish the task earlier.

If Shen Liuchen is asked to take her home and it made him know where she lives, then, as soon as she left after completing the task this time, when he went to ‘her house’ again and found that there has never been a person named Song Jinxi that lived there, he will definitely have much more thoughts again.

Therefore, it is best not to let him know where she lives.

When the time comes, even if he wants to find information about her, he will have nowhere to start.

She doesn’t know whether the system is really teasing her, or whether it has made mistakes in dealing with Shen Liuchen’s memory, but it makes her feel uncertain about a lot of things now, somewhat fearful as if her hands and feet were bound.

Two other people were still waiting for her reply, so Song Jinxi did not dare to think for too long.

She hesitated and replied: “I think I can walk back by myself.

Walking slowly on tiptoe, and just keep walking slowly then I will be there.

My home is just outside the Jinjiting community.

It’s very close.”

As she said this, she tried to walk on tiptoe for two steps before she was seated on a stool by the school doctor.


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