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Although Song Jinxi has a memory and soul of a 25 years old, her physical age is only five years old now, and her thinking ability is somewhat limited due to her physical development.

Sometimes, she can’t help but show some childishness.

At present, she was full of expectation to please Shen Liuchen, but he suddenly pushed her to the ground, and the candy flew out.

And he also glared at her with that kind of bitter eyes.

All the grievances swept through her for a while, and her tears almost fell directly.

Fortunately, she immediately stabilized her emotions, took a deep breath, and forced the tears back again.

It can be said that she is already very strong.

In her little head, she was still thinking calmly, that Shen Liuchen’s aversion to candy was deeper than she thought.

She feels distressed when she thinks of this.

Because it was written in the novel that he used to be a kid who was very, very eager for candy.

The memory goes back to before Shen Liuchen was five years old.

Until reaching adulthood, Shen Liuchen was an orphan whose biological father was unknown and his biological mother died of dystocia.

Because of the lack of family warmth since he was a child, he has been longing for a happy home.

He grew up in an orphanage and was adopted by a poor family in a neighboring city when he was five years old.

Unfortunately, his adoptive father was not only worthless, but also fond of drinking and domestic violence.

After a month’s adoption, he strangled his wife who quarreled with him after being drunk.

When he woke up the next day, he found that he had killed his wife and jumped off a building with his wife’s body in his arms.

The adoptive father’s family was only busy cleaning up their funeral affairs and completely ignored Shen Liuchen, a ‘wild child’ who had just been adopted for less than a month.

His adoptive father’s house was sold out.

A so-called uncle took the rest of the money, took Shen Liuchen to ride a small electric donkey and say that he would take Shen Liuchen home and continue to raise him.

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Then he put him in a very remote corner with the excuse of going to urinate, and he never came back.

Shen Liuchen waited for a long time in the same place.

He didn’t even dare to walk away when he was hungry.

Fortunately, the uncle bought him two steamed buns before he went out in the morning.

He made do with it for two days.

He has been waiting for two days and two nights.

Until the next night, he vaguely understood that he should have been abandoned.

A five-year-old child ended up on the streets.

Later, because he grabbed a candy, which had been dropped on the ground by an older boy who was also a stray child, he was pressed on the ground and punched several times, and one of his teeth was knocked out.

The older child told him to bark like a dog, but he was stubborn and refused.

The older child threw the candy on the ground, crushed it into pieces with his feet, and then peeled the candy apart, pressing his head to force him to lick the candy residue on the ground.

Since then, Shen Liuchen has started to hate candy.

Obviously, he used to be a kid who always dreamed of eating a candy.

After that, he fled the street, went to other streets for a few days, and was picked up by an old tramp.

The two depended on each other for two years.

Shen Liuchen regards the old tramp as his grandfather, and also thinks that he should be filial to his ‘grandfather’ when he grows up.

Unexpectedly, just a few days ago, he watched Zhang Defa give his ‘grandfather’ 50 yuan, and his ‘grandfather’ sold him to Zhang Defa.

He even lied to him by saying that Zhang Defa bought him back to be raised as his son.

At that time, Zhang Defa gave him a candy to keep him from crying.

If it had not been for the ‘grandfather’ saying that Zhang Defa wanted to raise him as a son, that he was full of joy thinking he could have a loving father and he could live the life he had longed for before, he would not have eaten candy again.

At that time, he was so happy that he seemed to once again crave for candy which symbolized happiness and sweetness, so he took the candy and peeled it off to eat.

The sweet smell spread to every corner of his mouth, and even to his heart, as if a trace of happiness really emerged.

Unexpectedly, the reality gave him a hard slap in the face.

Shen Liuchen realized that candy was not happiness or sweetness to him, but humiliation and betrayal.

The above fragments are all the original description in the original novel.

Song Jinxi was very impressed when she read it, and remembered it quite deeply.

She fully understood Shen Liuchen’s aversion to candy, and did not expect Shen Liuchen to accept her candy right away.

She just had a glimmer of hope, hoping to fight poison with poison, and to soothe his disappointment and hatred with candy…


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