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The school doctor sighed and said, “”Such a beautiful girl, and so well-behaved too.

How could your parents have the heart to leave you behind Even if they are divorced, shouldn’t one of them act as your guardian Which one is your guardian “

Another blind spot again.

Song Jinxi couldn’t say anything.

She prayed crazily from the bottom of her heart: please don’t say anything again, teacher.

If you say more, it will give the game away.

She just said “Um…” with a bitter face and after a long time, the school doctor saw her hesitant face.

Only then did she think of respecting the child’s privacy.

The school doctor waved her hand helplessly and said: “Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite, and I can’t get involved in your family affairs, but you can tell your head teacher and ask her to do a home visit for your parents and do ideological work for your parents.

Whatever the reason was, they also can’t let you, a high school student and still an underaged girl, live by yourself! It’s too irresponsible and outrageous! “

If this is put in the real world, if she can have a teacher like this that wholeheartedly considers for her when she is still in high school, she will definitely be touched.

But now, this situation…

She was moved a little bit, but she was afraid more.

Shen Liuchen stood beside them, not saying a word for the whole time and was listening to the conversation between the two of them.

She did not dare to look at his expression, and was afraid that she would reveal herself.

The more he knows, the more difficult it will be to circumvent lies in the future.

The snowball of lies will roll bigger and bigger, and eventually it may cause an avalanche of lies.

Sooner or later, she will die in the avalanche she made.

It’s cold.

She was desolate inside.

Besides, the head teacher’s home visit…

There is no such thing as her parents here.

She is someone who popped up out of thin air.

Where does she have parents from

There is no contact information of her parents in her student files, and their names were all asterisk marks.

The system only falsified Shi Yahui’s memory when it fabricated her physical information, allowing Shi Yahui to naturally accept her as a student who appears out of thin air.

According to the system, she is a bug.

All the people who came into contact with her in the novel world would not take the initiative to ask too much information about her, and assumed that her existence was real.

Even if there is a doubt somewhere, they will find their own reasons to explain it for her.

Therefore, even if her information in the school system is not perfect, those teachers will not care.

But if this incident is really put on the surface and caught the attention of most people, causing a certain degree of influence, she will have to find a way to circumvent the lie.

It’s okay to lie to others and she just prevaricates the half-truth, but Shen Liuchen is different!

After calculating that he would continue to blacken, the system found that his influence was strengthened, and a ‘field’ was formed around him.

According to the system, it has been completely unable to approach Shen Liuchen through the people in the novel world.

If one wants to approach Shen Liuchen, they must follow the rules in Shen Liuchen’s ‘field’.

The people he does not want to approach, can’t approach him no matter what method the system uses.

And she, perhaps because she saved Shen Liuchen for the first time, unexpectedly could get close to him.

The current world of novels is like a holographic game.

All people and things are the background.

She is a bug thrown in by the system, while Shen Liuchen is an NPC who has his own consciousness and can influence the surrounding environment.

This NPC is so powerful that the system can’t obliterate him directly.

It can only help him get rid of the factors that will cause him to blacken in his growth by throwing a bug in, and hope that he can return to normal.

When facing Shen Liuchen, the more loopholes she exposes, the easier it is to arouse Shen Liuchen’s suspicion.


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