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The uninjured foot feels a little numb after she used it to stand for a long time.

She wanted to move a little bit to relax it, but the result was her whole person, who already couldn’t stand still, gave an ‘ah’ and fell to one side.

Panicked because she was about to fall, she did not see a smile flashing through Shen Liuchen’s eyes.

Shen Liuchen kindly stretched out his hand to help her.

Thinking of her current situation, he also did not tease her anymore.

“Forget it.

I’m just teasing you.” He said.

Song Jinxi who finally used his strength to stand firm, then: “”

She has been nervous and tangled for so long, and in the end it turns out that he was just teasing her

“Waaa..that’s your fault then.

Do you know that I just——” she hasn’t finished her words yet and Shen Liuchen already looked over again lightly.

“You want it to be real” His voice was clear and pleasant, but what he said was a bit oppressive.

Song Jinxi: “…” Got frightened for the second time.

Shen Liuchen looked at the sky, then turned around and said to her: “I will take you home, or I will carry you home.

Choose one.”

Song Jinxi muffled: “Is there any difference”

“It makes no difference.

You wait for me here.

I will go get my school bag.”

Song Jinxi: “Oh.”

Shen Liuchen took a few steps forward, then looked back at her and said, “Don’t sneak away by yourself.”

A villain in Song Jinxi’s heart ran away crying.

When Shen Liuchen came down with two school bags, Shi Yahui was with him.

Shi Yahui looked at Song Jinxi’s red and swollen feet, “Who did it They must have used a lot of strength to throw you into a state like this.”

Song Jinxi smiled dryly, and also didn’t dare to say the true reason for her foot becoming like this, which actually should be blamed on herself.

“I’ll drive you home.

Shen Liuchen, help her walk.

I’ll wait for you two at the school gate.” Shi Yahui finished speaking, turned and left.

Song Jinxi didn’t expect things to develop like this.

She felt like there’s another way out again.

Shi Yahui drove her home, and Shen Liuchen carried her home is not the same concept at all.

First, she doesn’t think she is light.

The distance from school to her home is almost two kilometers, which is still a bit far away.

She is afraid of tiring the male god, also somewhat afraid that she is too heavy, and the male god will despise her for being fat.

Which girl would like to leave faults in the heart of their male god

Second, them being like this will not leave a good impression, and it will lead to all kinds of gossip being spread around easily.

Third, which she felt most satisfied with, is that Shi Yahui can just send her to the downstairs of her house, then she can go home by herself afterwards.

At that time, even if Shen Liuchen knew which building she lived in, he would not know her specific floor and house number.

When she leaves in the future, it won’t be so easy for him to find her.

But there’s another problem again.

She lives on the third floor and there is no elevator in the building.

What if Shi Yahui asks Shen Liuchen to take her upstairs

Being helped by Shen Liuchen to slowly climb the stairs.

She hesitated and said, “Can I discuss something with you”

Shen Liuchen raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

“That… After you send me downstairs later, can you not follow me home If you are too nice towards me, I’m afraid the head teacher will misunderstand it.

After she finished speaking, she carefully looked for any changes in Shen Liuchen’s expression, and found that he had only considered for a moment, and even nodded in agreement afterwards.

It’s totally different from the male god who insisted on sending her home just now.

Is he also afraid of being misunderstood by the head teacher

Song Jinxi was deep in thought.

Fortunately, Shen Liuchen kept his word.

After Shi Yahui sent her downstairs, Shen Liuchen just opened the car door for her.

After that, she didn’t know what he said to Shi Yahui, and Shi Yahui didn’t insist on letting him send her upstairs.

She just told her to rest at home for two days starting from tomorrow and go to class on Thursday.

With her school bag on her back, Song Jinxi climbed up the stairs step by step with much difficulty.

After entering the house, she didn’t turn on the light immediately, but quietly went to the window and looked down.

When she was sure that Shi Yahui’s caris no longer there, she turned on the light in the living room.

She took a long sigh of relief.


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