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Next to a big tree downstairs at Song Jinxi’s house, Shen Liuchen watched Shi Yahui’s car leave.

After standing on the trunk of the tree and waiting for a while, he saw the light on the third floor was turned on.

The figure of Song Jinxi jumping around with one leg bounced around in his mind.

The girl was too resistant to let him go to her house, perhaps because she has never thought of ‘the harder one tries to conceal a thing, the more it attracts attention’.

If so, then he will just do as she wished, and not to explore her secrets too much for the time being.

She seems to have many little secrets, but he also has enough time to explore them slowly.

At least, he can’t force the little rabbit too much that it started to bite people.

He stood downstairs for a while before turning and leaving.

When he returned home, Zhang Meigui had already eaten the meal, and leftovers were laid out on the table casually.

Zhang Meigui is sitting on the sofa, adjusting the channel with the remote control in one hand.

Seeing him changing shoes at the door, she sneered and asked: “Why did you come back so late today”

Shen Liuchen’s movements paused slightly: “On duty.”

“Really” Zhang Meigui’s tone was not quite right.

She saw him put the schoolbag in his own room, and when he came out, he took the dishes to the kitchen to heat them up.

She adjusted the table at will, and then slapped the remote control heavily on the tea table in front of the sofa.

She folded her hands around her chest and the more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

When Shen Liuchen came out with the hot meal, she continued to ask, “I heard that a beautiful girl has transferred to your class”

Shen Liuchen pulled the chair away, then it was quiet for a while before he sat down in silence.


Zhang Meigui: “I heard that she has become your deskmate”

Shen Liuchen: “Yes.”

The sneer on Zhang Rose’s face could not be maintained anymore.

She asked with a cold face: “Are you really late tonight because you are on duty”

“When we were on duty together, she was smashed by a basketball and sprained her foot.

I took her home.” His voice was very calm, so calm that Zhang Meigui became even more angrier.

Zhang Meigui turned to look at him and sneered.

“What kind of friendship is this She is injured and she needs you to send her home Is there no one else in your class Isn’t she a little beauty Why are there no other boys that showed their courtesy Or are you the one that scrambled for it “

Shen Liuchen was silent.

“Shen Liuchen, your uncle and I have worked so hard to make money for you to go to school, so that you can grow up and have a good life, so that you can support the two of us, and not for you to fall in love.

If you want to fall in love, if you don’t want to study anymore, there’s no need to go to school again so as not to waste any more money.

Anyway, we have done our duty to allow you to finish junior high school.”

Shen LIUCHEN didn’t speak.

He finished his meal very quickly and went into the kitchen with his bowl and chopstick.

The sound on the TV was very noisy.

Zhang Meigui didn’t have the mood to watch the two women fighting inside the TV and was listening to the sound in the kitchen with her ears upright.

When Shen Liuchen passed the living room and walked to his own room, she stopped him.

“Did you hear what I said” She frowned and asked harshly.

Shen Liuchen’s steps paused slightly, and said: “I won’t have puppy love.”

After speaking, he went straight into his room and closed the door.

Zhang Meigui felt better now.

She leaned back slowly on the sofa and drew a circle on the sofa slowly with her bright red nail-polished fingers.

Does Zheng Yanyu, that little girl, approached her to complain about Shen Liuchen because she is worried that Shen Liuchen will be snatched away by that beautiful classmate

She wants her to control Shen Liuchen, make her the villain and use her as a gunman.

But thinking about it again, although she doesn’t like Zheng Yanyu, she can’t help admitting that the little girl is a little bit pretty.

Then, a beautiful person who can even make Zheng Yanyu feel a sense of crisis…

She really needs to be more alert too.

She must sound the alarm for Shen Liuchen, let him take care of himself well.


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