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Shen Liuchen was stiff all over.

(TN : Skip if you don’t want to read explicit content!)

Zhang Meigui still thinks that when he turns around, he might accidentally bump into herself, then she will take the opportunity to open the bath towel and let her see the woman’s secret.

(TN : done skipping)

However, Shen Liuchen just strode away after collecting his clothes.

That night, Shen Liuchen had a nightmare.

In his dream, he was sitting on a chair.

There was nothing that restrained him, but he couldn’t move.

Zhang Meigui was getting closer to him as she undressed.

Fortunately, no matter how Zhang Meigui took off her clothes, he saw that Zhang Meigui’s entire body was as if surrounded by a layer of fog, which made him unable to see it clearly.

Therefore, he, in the dream, was relieved.

When she came to him with a naked body covered in fog, he seemed to be able to move again, then he pushed her away, turned around and ran away.

He ran aimlessly, and suddenly felt like there was something on his feet as he ran.

He slowed down and looked down.

It turned out to be the little girl from when he was a child.

The little girl held his calf with both hands, and stuck to him like a sticky candy.

Her eyes were big and her black eyes were staring at him.

Seeing he had stopped, she called him ‘Brother Chenchen’ sweetly.

There was always a thought in his mind telling him that Zhang Meigui was still chasing behind him.

He can’t stop, but he just can’t help stopping and reaching out to help the little girl.

It’s just that when the little girl stood up, she slowly grew bigger, and finally turned into Song Jinxi’s appearance.

From a five-year-old girl to a girl who was only a head shorter than him, she stood in front of him and smiled sweetly.

Said: “Even if the whole world does not favor you, I will favor you the most.”

“I am Shen Liuchen’s supremacist.”

“I like you.”

Shen Liuchen cast his gaze on her chest awkwardly, only to see that her breasts slowly grew bigger, changing from a vast expanse of flat land to a roaring sea wave.

Although it’s not as big as Zhang Meigui’s, it looks hundreds of times better than Zhang Meigui’s, and the size is just right.

Then, unknowingly, the girl also took off her clothes, hugged him while she took it off, and he himself seemed to be caught in an endless dream.

The alley in front of him turned into his room, and there was a bed by his side.

He entangled together with her submissively.

It’s beautiful all night long.

Song Jinxi still did not know that her little male god with delayed puberty, because of Zhang Meigui’s malicious temptation and her own unintentional influence, already has half of his foot stepped into the ranks of men tonight.

When he woke up the next morning, Shen Liuchen’s eyes faintly blacken and his face was haggard.

Sitting on the head of the bed, he looked at the chaos under him, and fell into deep thought.

Zhang Meigui usually wakes up late.

He took the opportunity to go to the toilet and secretly washed the dirty underwear and replaced the one that was hung up last night.

The wind was very strong at night, and the one washed last night has been blown dry, and it can be put away.

After finishing all this, Shen Liuchen washed his face with cold water and went out carrying his schoolbag.

At this moment, Song Jinxi was still in a deep sleep at home.

She looked up the information for a long time last night, and then she did a lot of work that can get her ankle back to work as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there is a convenience store and pharmacy downstairs of her house.

She went downstairs to buy safflower oil in the evening, and also bought a few bowls of instant noodles.

She is already well prepared with a stockpile of food.

She slept until noon and when she woke up, her ankle didn’t seem to hurt that much anymore.

She took the safflower oil on the bedside table and massaged her ankles for a while until she felt that the skin was hot enough, and then went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

She boils water for the instant noodle, while checking the traffic route.

Today, she is going to find Fang Yuming while limping.

As time went by, she found that she was more and more prone to being exposed.

She even suspected that the medical doctor actually came to dismantle her stage, with each and every sentence that hit her heart directly.


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