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The school doctor said that she was a good friend with the head teacher.

In case she really asked the head teacher to visit her home and to see her parents, she will have no idea how to deal with it by then.

She is a minor little girl and without her parents’ consent, it is impossible for her to successfully go through the transfer procedures and enrollment procedures.

So here comes the question.

Since her parents are not in the country and she can’t get in touch with them, how did she go through the enrollment procedures a few days ago

Shi Yahui would start to wonder who allowed her to go through the formalities.

Once they checked it, they are very likely to find that her enrollment procedures appeared directly on the school’s educational administration system out of thin air.

No one accepted it, but it can be successfully processed.

The loophole is too big.

She can’t stand any scrutiny.

Therefore, she must finish the task early, die early and go back early.

After eating the instant noodles, she took out a few hundred yuan from the closet, put it in her schoolbag, and went out with her schoolbag on her back.

When the system arranged for her to come in, it gave her 10,000 yuan as daily expenses.

So she is not short of money now, and she can take a taxi directly when she goes out.

She doesn’t have to face the embarrassing situation of walking a long road and crowding the bus because she has no money and can only endure the painful feet.

On the way to the police station, she was always worried.

She didn’t know if Fang Yuming was still in the police station, whether he was transferred, or whether he was promoted to another place.

She only knew Fang Yuming, the policeman who had appeared in the original book.

The original description of him was that he was a good man who saved Shen Liuchen’s life when he was a child.

Although he did not keep him, Shen Liuchen always remembered this kindness.

Later, Shen Liuchen did not forget to repay his favor even after being blackened.

When Fang Yuming’s family was threatened by criminals, he came forward to save Fang Yuming and his family.

In addition, it can be seen from the experience of her last transmigration that Fang Yu is definitely a good policeman with a sense of justice.

Shen Liuchen happened to be the child Fang Yuming had rescued.

This matter can only be handled by Fang Yuming.

Fortunately, she was lucky.

Fang Yuming was still in the police station just like in her memory, and he happened to be at work today.

“You mean, your classmate was molested by the aunt who adopted him”

In the examination room, Fang Yuming put his hands together on the table and looked at the girl in front of him seriously.

The girl dragged her sprained foot and limped into the police station.

When she saw him, she immediately walked towards him and said that she had something to ask for.

He asked what was the matter, but she refused to say it, only that it was more private, hoping to talk to him alone.

At that time, he had a bad idea.

He wondered if the girl had suffered any hardship.

After all, many people who are inferior to animals still do all kinds of immoral things to their children in ways unknown to normal people.

Not long ago, a little girl jumped off a building and committed suicide because of such things.

As a result, he sat down and asked, only to realize that it had nothing to do with the little girl and it was her classmate’s matter.

Nowadays, girls are at a higher risk of being molested.

Fang Yuming didn’t expect that a boy would also be molested by the female elder in the family.

“That male classmate… Uncle policeman, you should know him too.

” Song Jinxi said, “Do you remember the two human traffickers you captured eight years ago and the children you rescued from them”

Fang Yuming nodded, “I remember.”

While looking at Song Jinxi, he wondered if this little girl was one of the children he saved at the time But why does he have no impression at all.

“His name is Shen Liuchen, do you remember”

“Shen Liuchen…” Fang Yuming frowned and thought for a while, “Ah! I remembered! It was the little boy who told me that he had lost a child.

During the time he was rescued, he kept asking me everyday if I remember a little girl named ‘Xixi’.”


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