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Song Jinxi: “……”

She swallowed her saliva and asked unconsciously: “Xixi”

Fang Yuming did not want to say more.

Song Jinxi was confused and asked: “Then uncle, do you remember her The little girl named ‘Xixi’”

Fang Yuming didn’t answer, but looked at her thoughtfully.

“Well, Shen Liuchen and I are at the same table.

He said that I look a little bit like his little friend, and he also said that his little friend was bitten by a poisonous snake in order to save him.

Now her life and death is still unknown…”

Only then did Fang Yuming say: “He told you about all of this”

Song Jinxi nodded quickly: “Mm-hmm!”

Fang Yuming sighed and said: “It was probably because this child has been locked up for a long time and severely beaten by the traffickers.

That’s why he had hallucinations.

He imagined that a little girl named ‘Xixi’ was with him, giving him steamed buns and candies, and running away with him.

He even took a few candies out of his pocket and said that it was I who gave it.

How could it be possible!”

He said, smiled, and continued: “I was a rough man at that time, I had no children myself, and I rarely coaxed the children at home.

It was impossible for me to bring candies only to coax the children.”

“What’s more, I have never seen a little girl named ‘Xixi’ at all.”

Song Jinxi: “…” F*ck.

It means that Fang Yuming really doesn’t remember her.

That is to say, only Shen Liuchen remembers her

“He also said, I called the name ‘Xixi’ first.”

Song Jinxi: “…What”

“Since he told you about his childhood, he should treat you as a friend, so it doesn’t matter if I tell you about it.” Fang Yuming said, “He ran away all night and accidentally rolled down the hillside.

At that time, we went to the mountain to arrest people.

When he said that ‘his little friend’ was bitten by a poisonous snake, it happened that I was shouting ‘Xixi’.

After shouting ‘Xixi’, I was shouting ‘Chenchen’ afterwards.

So he guessed maybe the uncle police came to save him, then he put you aside and ran to find us.

As a result, when we went there, there was nothing such as a little girl’s body.

It was empty, not even a drop of blood can be found.

It was all his hallucination.

Song Jinxi thought so much that she has a headache.

She was so sure that she hadn’t had time to introduce herself to Shen Liuchen, so how could Shen Liuchen remember that she was called ‘Xixi’.

It turned out that Fang Yuming still remembered her before her ‘corpse’ disappeared, so when he was looking for them, he shouted ‘Xixi’ all over the mountain.

It should be for this reason that Shen Liuchen remembered, and he even guessed that her nickname was ‘Xixi’.

No wonder when she first introduced herself to him, he asked her if her nickname was ‘Xixi’.

Could it be that the male god had long suspected that she was the little girl from eight years ago

It can’t be, right!

It shouldn’t be.

Because she made remedies afterwards and cleared his suspicions.

She was very lucky.

Fortunately, she had a good brain and thought about the problem quickly, and she was also more cautious in getting along with Shen Liuchen these past two days.

Otherwise, he might really pick up some suspicion at a time, and she wouldn’t even know where it had gone wrong.

As she thought about it, Fang Yuming continued to say: But we caught two car thieves at that time.

After interrogation, we found out that they were also human traffickers.

When we went to the mountain to save the children, I heard those children say that a child had run away.

That’s why I went to find him.”

Song Jinxi was silent.

Fang Yuming’s memory should have been tampered with and blurred, the kind of Gaussian blurred.

“That child is really so pitiful, so let’s not talk about it anymore.” Fang Yuming stopped talking and asked, “Did you say that his aunt who adopted him molested him Did he say that himself or did you guess that”

Song Jinxi: “Well…”

“What Is it inconvenient to say” The middle-aged police officer is more gentle and feels safer than he was eight years ago.


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