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As it turned out, she still took it for granted.

Song Jinxi tightly pursed her lips and was at a loss for a moment.

The atmosphere on their side was frozen.

On the other side, the candy that flew out caused a scramble among several children on the other side.

A relatively strong boy snatched the candy, afraid of being robbed by others, he peeled the candy and stuffed it into his mouth.

The eyes of the other children who hadn’t grabbed the candy fell on Song Jinxi.

Song Jinxi had to stop thinking and spread her hand: “…No more.”

The children didn’t believe it.

Someone suddenly said: “She must still have it!” The other children rushed forward and tore her clothes.

She was only five years old.

She was not the opponent of those children at all.

She was directly thrown to the bottom and was torn by hands extending from all directions.

It happened that she really had a few candies in her pocket.

She didn’t want to give them away because she had to leave them for Shen Liuchen.

“Don’t grab it! Don’t grab my candies!” The little girl clutched her pocket tightly with both hands and felt that she was about to be torn apart by the stronger child bit by bit.

Amidst the pushing and shoving, she didn’t know who stepped on her hair and the pain made the tears she had forced back to come out again.

Finally, she was forced till she felt helpless and then she screamed to attract Zhang Defa’s attention, but was quickly covered by a smarter child.

There was only a small whimper that got out of her mouth.

Now she really can’t help it anymore.

Watching the candies in her pocket were emptied, the older boy who had snatched two candies threatened her and said: “If you don’t want to be beaten in the future, don’t make a sound.” Song Jinxi grinned her teeth and screamed directly.

The sound of footsteps gradually approaching and a few of the children who snatched the candies could not help shaking, quietly putting the candy in their palm.

The door of the firewood room was kicked open roughly.

Zhang Defa stood at the door, blocking the light from outside.

The man who is against the light is like a wicked god.

The children in the room were all hugging together and dare not look at him.

Zhang Defa saw Song Jinxi’s situation.

The little girl’s clothes were torn in a mess, and a little cute collar bone was exposed.

If Xu Mingjie saw this, he could not tell what would happen.

Song Jinxi’s scream just now was purely because she was so angry that she lost her mind and wanted to let the human traffickers come to take charge of the justice for herself.

Now Zhang Defa is here, but she became nervous.

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She didn’t think that she should let some children suffer because of a few candies.

She was afraid that Zhang Defa would beat those children because of her.

However, when she thought that they had just pressed her to the ground, pulled her hair, broke her fingers, and covered her mouth with their dirty hands…bullying the weak but fearing the strong, not cute at all.

She still complained in the end.

“They snatched my candies…” She said.

In the past, Zhang Defa would not care about such a thing.

When he was in a bad mood, he might even beat all the children present.

But this time, he didn’t know whether it was because Song Jinxi is too cute, or because of some other reasons, the little girl in front of him unexpectedly touched his heart.

Zhang Defa went to Song Jinxi and squatted down in front of her.

He helped her tidy up her clothes and then looked around.

Then he got up and kicked the nearest child severely.

He still hasn’t spoken yet but the children who had grabbed the candy threw the candy out one after another.

Song Jinxi ran to pick it up one by one, blew the dust, and carefully put it into her pocket again.

After that, he dropped a sentence: “The one who snatched the sugar, their meal will be halved tonight.

If you dare to snatch it again, there will be no food for tomorrow.

” Then he left.

He went out and closed the door.

He locked the lock from the outside and then the sound of his footsteps faded away.

When he went away, several children glared at Song Jinxi, but no one dared to come forward.

There are also a few children, who because of their young age, did not grab the candies and all of them showed a grateful look.

But at the same time, they still can’t help but look at Song Jinxi’s pocket with covetous eyes.

Song Jinxi restrained her sympathy and went back to Shen Liuchen.

“I’m not a bad person,” she whispered, trying her best to not touch his defense line but keeping as close to his ear as possible.

“I was sent by Uncle Police to get you out.”

Maybe the word ‘Uncle Police’ is persuasive because Shen Liuchen finally turned over and looked at her up and down.

But ‘I don’t believe it’ was written under his eyes.

“Liar.” He said.

The author has something to say:

Song · turning old account · Jinxi: “They bullied me, but you were watching the show next to me.”

Shen Liuchen walked to her in silence and put her in his arms.

“It’s all my fault.

Don’t be angry”

Song · hypocritical · Jinxi: “No, I’m still angry!”

Shen Liuchen was silent for a long time and lifted her sideways.

Song Jinxi: “What are you doing”

Shen Liuchen: “I won’t watch the show this time.

I’ll do it myself.”

Song Jinxi: …Are you still a human being!!!


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