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It’s just that Song Jinxi doesn’t have the mood to mind about these things, she feels very depressed now.

She originally wanted to lie and said that it was Shen Liuchen who complained to her, and she came to tell the police.

Then she would add the lewd cases she saw on the Internet to Zhang Meigui, making Fang Yuming suspicious, so that he would move on to the next step——

Home visit.

Fang Yuming, as the person who rescued Shen Liuchen and also the country’s policeman, has the right to visit the house of the adopted child.


Now she is totally afraid to speak lies with her eyes open.

The system told her before that everyone’s memory would be erased and it should be true.

Fang Yuming’s memory was indeed erased, and he did not remember her existence at all.

The reason why Shen Liuchen would remember it, should be related to his blackening.

The system said that Shen Liuchen was not under its control, so the memory erasing failed.

He was the only one in the world that keep that memory alone.

At present, she had spoken lies in order to get Fang Yuming’s help.

In the end, when Shen Liuchen was confronted, they would all become court testimony.

Even if the task is completed at that time, she…

May have turned cold.

(TN : died)

Shen Liuchen would definitely doubt her identity.

But when she finishes this task, it doesn’t mean that she can finish it once and for all, that she won’t have to go into the world of the novel and meet him again.

She still has a third mission to do.

At first she thought that as long as the problem of the male god’s broken leg was resolved, he should not be blackened.

She thought she only needed to do one task.

This time, the system checked out the flaws, and proved that even if the first tragedy of his childhood was avoided, the later things may still happen, and he is still at risk of blackening.

So it’s very likely that she will come in again after she has finished the task.

Next time she comes back, Shen Liuchen has grown up into eighteen years old, and it would be very difficult for her to lie to him again.

Therefore, she must not fall off the horse now.

But how to persuade Fang Yuming Fang Yuming would not believe her lies without getting any evidence.

Fang Yuming saw that she hadn’t said anything for a long time and said: “Little friend, you cannot talk nonsense about this kind of thing.

If this was a rumor you heard and not a fact, then how much influence will it have on Shen Liuchen and the kind couple who adopted him, do you know this”

“Uncle, I’m not talking nonsense, nor is it a rumor.

Not many people know about this incident.” Song Jinxi said hesitantly, “I know that this incident will have a bad effect on Shen Liuchen after being exposed, but his physical and mental health is more important.

I really am not spreading rumors.”

“Okay.” Fang Yuming nodded, “Let’s make it like this.

I will free up my time to go to the orphanage, and learn about all the children I rescued.

I will make a visit to each and every one of them.”

Song Jinxi sighed in her heart.

“Thank you, Uncle.” She stood up and bowed to Fang Yuming, “If I have evidence, I will come to find Uncle.

I also hope that Uncle can make the visit soon.

I am worried that if Shen Liuchen was being…for too long, he would have a mental problem.”

Fang Yuming nodded and sent her out of the police station.

The colleague asked him what happened to the little girl, but he just smiled helplessly and shook his head.

Song Jinxi dragged her exhausted body and took a taxi home.

She asked the taxi driver to just drop her downstairs but she did not go home immediately, but ordered a cup of milk tea in the milk tea shop downstairs and sat in the shop boredly while watching the scenery outside.

It’s only two o’clock in the afternoon, and there are still three hours before dinner time.

But she didn’t want to climb the stairs, nor did she want to eat instant noodles all day long.

Too much instant noodles will cause nausea and vomiting.

Her foot is already very uncomfortable and she doesn’t want to make it worse.

So, the way to be lazy is to stay here for three hours, and go to the next shop in the evening to have dinner before going upstairs.


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