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The young girl in the milk tea shop saw that she was wearing a school uniform, but now she was obviously not going to class during class time.

She couldn’t help but strike up a conversation with her and asked her why she didn’t go to school.

This community is equivalent to the school district room.

The students living here are basically more obedient.

Their shop is in the community and those students from other schools usually can’t come in, and they all play in the row of shops outside the community.

Therefore, this was the first time she saw a student who was wearing the community’s school uniform and staying outside during class time.

Song Jinxi said that her leg was injured, and the teacher asked her to rest at home for a day.

The young girl in the milk tea shop only nodded and did not speak any more.

Song Jinxi lay on the table, feeling that she had been thinking too much in the past two days, and her head was in danger of being bald.

It’s really more of a headache than when she went to write code at work.

The best way now is to persuade Shen Liuchen to let him go to the police station with her and talk to the police to expose Zhang Meigui’s evil deeds, but she still doesn’t know whether Zhang Meigui has acted on Shen Liuchen or not.

If she has, then what kind of harassment was it

If she was only hinting at it, she really can not say anything about Zhang Meigui.

She has to make a move on Shen Liuchen first before it can be said as molesting.

If Zhang Meigui had made her move, she can just follow the topic they had discussed yesterday and ask him if there were similar cases around him, to find out if he could follow her guidance and tell what he had experienced.

But if Zhang Meigui hasn’t started to make a move, she will have to wait.

She was on a completely passive side.

The problem is that she can’t wait for too long now.

The longer she stays here, the greater the danger of being suspected or even overturned by Shen Liuchen.

She can’t afford to wait.


Song Jinxi pulled her hair with her hands and she was about to cry.

The task is so difficult!

The point is, when she reads other novels, other people will have cheats after they transmigrate.

But she doesn’t have any cheats and the system even made such a big loophole for her.

It’s really killing her.

She is completely walking on thin ice now.

She was lying on the table, having a headache for a long time and thinking for a long time.

The busy noise that came from outside could be heard, and birds chirped a few times from time to time.

The sound of the electric fan above her head is low and hypnotic.

Song Jinxi raised her head and rubbed her temples, trying to relieve the headache.

It’s just that, she keeps rubbing it again and again…and she somewhat feels a little sleepy.

Thinking about staying here for three hours anyway, it’s better for her to take a nap first.

So she leaned back on the table, slowly closed her eyes, and then really fell asleep…

The milk tea shop generally has no business at this time.

The students are in school and the office workers are at work.

There are only two people in the shop, Song Jinxi and the milk tea shop’s young girl.

Seeing that she was lying on the table and not moving, the shop’s young girl didn’t wake her up and slowed down her movements very considerately instead to create a good sleeping environment for her.

This sleep is more than an hour.

After waking up, she first tried to move her ankle and found that it didn’t seem to hurt too much.

Maybe because it was handled in time yesterday and in addition, she also rubbed it with safflower oil for half an hour before going to bed at night.

She also put a pillow on her feet to promote blood circulation when she slept, so the injury healed quite quickly.

Tomorrow, she should be able to go to class instead of resting for two days.

She picked up her mobile phone and listened to the song while doing nothing.

This is the era of mobile phones that are not very advanced.

This mobile phone in her hand can be regarded as the most advanced mobile phone nowadays.

A phone with slide cover that can be used to access the Internet, have the chat software, and can also be used to play games.

It can also be used to take more than 20 photos with a very poor pixel quality.

But having a camera is better than none.

It’s just that the games at this time are not very fun.

She flipped through the phone, put the phone aside, and continued to think about the problem.

As a result, she couldn’t think of a solution even after a long time.

How can she stimulate Zhang Meigui to make a move towards Shen Liuchen…


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