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It seems that there is no way to get Shen Liuchen out of that disgusting home without Zhang Meigui making a move to Shen Liuchen first.

After all, they have gone through the adoption procedures, even if it was only as uncle and aunt, they were still Shen Liuchen’s legal guardians.

She couldn’t let Fang Yuming help Shen Liuchen to leave the family for things that have no trace or evidence.

What a headache.

Unknowingly, the time actually passed just like this.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Song Jinxi almost could not hold herself back anymore to enter the restaurant next door.

She ordered a lighter rice bowl and ate the meal slowly.

After she’s done, she rubbed her stomach and limped out of the restaurant.

Then she saw an unexpected person at the downstairs of her house.

She rubbed her eyes and walked slowly over, “Shen Liuchen”

Then subconsciously, she quickly glanced at the direction of her home.

“Why are you here” She took out her phone and checked the time.

It was only five and forty.

He should have come here as soon as he was finished.

For some reason, there seems to be something wrong with Shen Liuchen today, and the look in his eyes when looking at her is even more evasive.

“I’m here to see you.” His voice was low, his eyes grazed her head and looked behind her.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help but look back and found that there was a big banyan tree behind.

There was a stone table and a stone bench under the banyan tree, but there was no one on the bench, so she didn’t know what’s there to see.

When she turned around, she found that Shen Liuchen didn’t look at her back anymore but looked down at the floor.

This is wrong.

When did the male god become so depressed

“Then what are you looking at the floor for I didn’t lie on the ground.”

Lie…on the ground…

Shen Liuchen’s eyes darkened.

Compared with the light imagination that cannot be touched in his dream, now the girl that was standing in front of him was alive, and talks to him in a nice voice.

He also seems to smell the faint jasmine fragrance on her.

Her figure and her breath coincided with the feeling in the dream, and Shen Liuchen’s nose was hot, and he suddenly raised his head and took a small step back.

Song Jinxi: “……”

What’s wrong with the male god

“Are you sick” She asked with concern.

The girl has clearly injured her foot, but she was still concerned about his body.

But what about him

Because of the malicious temptation of that disgusting woman, he unexpectedly did that kind of thing to her in her dream.

Now he is clearly sober, but he can’t help but fantasize…

He never thought that one day he would be so dirty.

Compared with the shining girl standing in the setting sun, he was like a bedbug in the dark.

The more Shen Liuchen thought about it, the more he hated himself, and said: “It’s good that you are fine.” He turned around and left.

This is wrong!

The male god’s face is not right and he seems very haggard!

Song Jinxi shouted: “Don’t go!” Then rushed over to hold his arm.

Because her foot hurt and couldn’t stand firm in this situation, she put half of her weight on Shen Liuchen.

Shen Liuchen felt that she couldn’t stand still, and turned around to hold her arm in time to let her stand firmly.

After she stood firmly, he quickly pulled his hand back, put his hand behind him, and slowly made a fist.

“The foot was already injured and you are still not paying attention to it.

What is the rush for”

Some people sternly criticize others for not taking care of their body, but in fact that they can’t stop thinking in their mind about…

The girl’s hand was soft, holding his arm and pressing half of her weight on him, which gave him a feeling that he seemed to be her only pillar.

This kind of great satisfaction, even more than the sequela caused by the first puberty, made him forget the dream of last night and think of the future of the two people instead.

He had never thought that there would be such a day when he would hope that he would be someone’s pillar, take care of her, and protect her, hoping that she could always smile happily under the sun without worrying about anything.

It seems that eight years ago, when the little girl took him by the hand and escaped from that place with him, he already had this idea.

He hopes to go to a place where no one knows them.

Only the two of them, he can be her only one, and he makes money to support her.

They live happily together forever.

The author has something to say:

Song Jinxi: QAQ Fortunately, I am smart and covered up my vest (fake identity).

Shen Liuchen: If she doesn’t believe in ghosts and gods, then she shouldn’t be a supernatural being.

Then, what would it be…

(I revised their age and deleted some plots, so it should not be too disgusting.

I felt disgusted by the previous plot before QAQ)


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