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“You were all fine yesterday.

Why did you suddenly have dark circles today” Song Jinxi’s eyes locked his face, “Did you not sleep well last night”

The girl’s worried gaze was so sincere, which made Shen Liuchen’s heart feel warm.

Shen Liuchen shook his head, “I had a nightmare last night.”

“Or, is it because something bad happened” Song Jinxi asked again.

Shen ryukchen shook his head.

“I had a nightmare last night.”

“…Had a nightmare “

Song Jinxi was originally very excited, thinking that Zhang Meigui had finally taken action, so that she could take advantage of the situation to get rid of Zhang Meigui.

Unexpectedly, it was just a nightmare.

She was rather disappointed.

It’s just… What kind of terrible nightmare was it That it even affects his quality of sleep and caused him to have dark circles.

“What kind of nightmare was it” She asked.

The boy was silent for a long time before slowly speaking, “I dreamed that she… died in my arms.” The voice was low and his tone was a little desolate.

Shen Liuchen had never thought that he actually had the talent to lie.

With this sad tone, even he, himself, almost took it seriously.

The girl on the opposite side really turned silent.

“But… didn’t you say that she didn’t die, but was saved by someone else” She bit her lip and comforted: “Since you believe she is fine now, don’t scare yourself because of a nightmare.”

“I just feel a little uncomfortable when I think of that scene.” He said, glanced at her leg, and changed the subject: “Your foot seems to be better.”

Song Jinxi followed his gaze and looked at it, lifted her foot and moved it, then walked one round before finally nodded and said, “It’s pretty good now, and I should be able to go to class tomorrow.

It’s boring to stay at home alone, doing nothing.”

Shen Liuchen: “You don’t want to rest for one more day”

Song Jinxi shook his head, “Learning is the most important thing.”

“The body is equally important.” Shen Liuchen pursed his lips slightly.

“It’s okay, relax.” Song Jinxi smiled.

“Before going to bed tonight, I will rub it again.

Tomorrow it should be almost healed.”

Seeing that she has fixed her mind, Shen Liuchen didn’t try to persuade her anymore.

Knowing that her body’s weight was basically supported by one foot and he didn’t want her to stand for too long, Shen Liuchen quickly said goodbye to her and left under her watch.

When he got home, he saw Zhang Meigui and Zheng Yanyu downstairs.

Zheng Yanyu was still talking to Zhang Meigui.

Maybe she saw him, because she quickly glanced towards his direction before saying something to Zhang Meigui, and turned around to go upstairs.

Zhang Meigui also followed Zheng Yanyu’s gaze and saw him, but instead of waiting for him to go upstairs together, she followed behind Zheng Yanyu.

Shen Liuchen had a vague premonition in his heart.

Their family lives on the fifth floor and there is no elevator, so they can only climb the stairs.

When he climbed upstairs, the door of the house was open.

A bag of vegetables was randomly placed on the shoe rack in the hallway.

In the living room, Zhang Meigui was sitting on the sofa with her hands clasped around her arms, with the appearance of wanting to denounce someone publicly.

“What did you do after school today” Zhang Meigui asked.

Shen Liuchen lowered his head, a trace of impatience flashed under his eyes.

“Visiting my deskmate.”

“What kind of relationship do you have She sprained her foot and was recuperating at home, but she still needed you to go visit her Why didn’t other classmates visit her”

Shen Liuchen remained silent.

Zhang Meigui became more and more angry as she said, “Who is the one that promised me yesterday that he would not have puppy love Look at how you are behaving now, isn’t this having puppy love She only sprained her foot and you already ran to her house like this to visit her Shen Liuchen, I never thought you would tell me a lie…You even learned to lie now!”


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