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He must let Zhang Meigui know that he has begun to understand things and with this awareness, let her stop harassing him.

Although the time he really got along with Song Jinxi was not long, she was a ray of light in his gloomy life, and he would never let her go in his life.

Therefore, in any case, Zhang Meigui must accept Song Jinxi’s existence in addition to restraining her own behavior.

If she converges this time and continues to raise him with the attitude of an ordinary elder, then, when he grows up, he will ‘forget’ the unpleasant things he once had and provide for the two elders with Song Jinxi.

But if she insists on using money to force him…

He squinted his eyes and realized for the first time that he might have to make other plans.

At dinner that night, Zhang Meigui kept talking to Shen Liuchen about what their husband and wife had done for him over the years, saying that the two of them worked hard to make money and provide him with food, clothing and housing…

If Shen Liuchen insists on going against her, she will make him ‘have it good’.

Shen Liuchen never said a word.


Time flies quickly, and it’s the next day in a blink of an eye.

Song Jinxi got up early and limped downstairs to buy breakfast.

Although she only moved one step at a time, she arrived in the class before seven o’clock.

After waiting for a while, the sound of a basketball being dribbled gradually approached, and it was Shao Feipeng who came.

Seeing Song Jinxi, Shao Feipeng’s cheeks faintly hurt.

After school last night, Shen Liuchen called him and Hong Siyuan to a remote corner and gave them both a punch.

It happened that they were wrong first and couldn’t fight back.

Even if they fight back, they might not have beaten Shen Liuchen, so they had to bear it.

Fortunately, Shen Liuchen didn’t hit with too much strength.

There was no discoloration on his face, but the place inside the mouth where it collided with the teeth has a slight injury.

He got up and felt the burning sensation this morning that he was scared that he had to eat a pear early in the morning to reduce the burning sensation.

Seeing Song Jinxi now, thinking that the girl didn’t come to school yesterday because of the stupid thing he did, he couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of guilt in his heart.

Shao Feipeng walked to Song Jinxi’s table with an apologetic expression and apologized to her.

Song Jinxi originally thought she was accidentally smashed by someone else.

At that time, she was smashed so she didn’t see the person who smashed her.

Later, she was taken away by Shen Liuchen and she didn’t see the person who smashed her again.

It turned out to be Shao Feipeng.

This time, she understands it all.

Although the boys’ approach to chat with her is very unfavourable, seeing him apologizing like this, she also doesn’t want to mind about it that much anymore.

She only smiled and said to him: “Never use basketball to hit others again in the future.

Your strength is too much, I almost got a concussion from your hit.”

“I’m really sorry!” Shao Feipeng bowed deeply to her, “I will never do it again.”

Song Jinxi nodded and didn’t say much to him.

Once again she used the excuse that she was a little tired because she got up too early before laying on the table and started listening to songs.

Shen Liuchen came very early today.

Song Jinxi only noticed that he had arrived when he pulled the chair away and took off her earphones to greet her.

“How is your foot” Shen Liuchen’s first concern was her foot.

Early in the morning, she received the concern of the male god.

Song Jinxi was in a good mood.

She smiled, shook her head and said: “It’s not that painful anymore.”

By noon, Song Jinxi received more intimate care from the male god.

Shen Liuchen actually offered to help her with buying her food.

Song Jinxi originally wanted Chen Wenwen and the others to help bring her food.

She is not suitable for walking around in this condition.

Unexpectedly, Shen Liuchen offered his help.

She was about to cry at the thoughtfulness of the male god.


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