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This sentence is a bit ambiguous.

Shen Liuchen coughed and said nothing.

Song Jinxi sighed, “I think it is so good that you are like this.

You will not waste food, unlike me that really can not eat certain foods.”

She has a lot to say when it comes to this.

“For example, I always feel the taste of those large and small intestines that many people like to eat was strange.

I always have the thought that they haven’t been cleaned up properly, but I don’t know how to cook it myself too.

Another example is pig liver.

When mom and dad weren’t divorced yet, they always like to force me to eat pork liver, saying that eating it is nutritious.”

As she talked, she made a bitter face and fell dejected.

“Every time I take a bite of pig liver, I would drink a sip of water to swallow it… I cried while eating, and after I finally finished eating it, I got nauseated easily afterward.

I had to eat a lot of rice immediately to suppress the feeling of vomiting.” After speaking, she shook her head, “It’s really too pathetic.”

“Later they divorced, and no one forced me to eat that anymore.

I felt a lot more relaxed.

I have never eaten pig liver again.”

“There are others, like viscera, which I don’t like to eat too.

Unless they have been processed multiple times, such as cooked into hot and spicy soup, or grilled, and use a lot of seasonings to cover up their original taste, I might take a bite or two, but I can’t eat too much either.

If I eat too much, I feel sick…”

“Later in college, some students like to eat foie gras, saying that it is delicious, every time they go to the buffet, they must order it, and order it frantically for me too, but I couldn’t eat it, and I vomited after only one bite.”

She chatted non-stop, and even accidentally let slip a remark.

She let slip a remark but didn’t realize that she had made a fatal low-level mistake.

However, Shen Liuchen just paused in his actions but did not expose her.

So she was never aware of it.

After she finished her long speech, Shen Liuchen had already eaten half of his meal, and then she began to move her chopsticks.

When she was halfway through her meal, Shen Liuchen had already finished his meal.

Seeing him starting to clean up the table, Song Jinxi looked at the white rice left in the food box, suddenly feeling a little bit of not wanting to continue eating, and somewhat wanted to silently put down the chopsticks.

“Why don’t you continue eating” Shen Liuchen asked.

Song Jinxi touched her stomach, and felt that she was indeed a little bit full already, so she smiled and said to Shen Liuchen, “I’m full.”

“Finish all your food.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi frowned, with a bitter melon face and somewhat unwillingness.

A smile flashed across Shen Liuchen’s eyes and he said, “I don’t buy that much food for you, so if you only eat a small amount like this, you will be hungry again in the afternoon.”

“But I won’t go to the physical education class in the afternoon, nor will I run around.

I won’t be hungry.” Song Jinxi found a reason for herself.

“Finish it.” Shen Liuchen stopped his movements and looked at her.

The eyes of the male god are too beautiful, and the serious eyes of the male god are too charming.

Song Jinxi was killed in a second, and silently picked up the spoon again, scooped up the food and stuffed it into her mouth one bite at a time.

Suddenly I feel that the food seems to be much more delicious…

When there was only the last bite left, she felt too full, but Shen Liuchen sat next to her as if supervising her, so she had to close her eyes and ate the bite.

There was only a little bit of food left, and Shen Liuchen didn’t force her to finish it.

After school in the afternoon, Shi Yahui drove her home again.

To Song Jinxi’s delight, Shen Liuchen also only helped her open the car door this time, and didn’t mean to send her upstairs.


When Shen Liuchen returned home, he saw Zheng Yanyu downstairs.


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