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Zheng Yanyu seemed to be waiting for him.

Seeing him coming, she quickly stood up and walked a few steps to greet him.

“Brother Chenchen.” She hesitated and stopped.

Shen Liuchen didn’t look at her, “I said, don’t call me that anymore.”

Zheng Yanyu looked aggrieved: “But I called you that way when we were still a child and you didn’t refuse me.

So why are you suddenly not letting me call you so now”

Listening to Zheng Yanyu’s words, Shen Liuchen was a little silent.

When they were still a child, he had just been picked up by Zhang Meigui and he saw Zheng Yanyu from his neighbor’s house.

After knowing his name, the first time Zheng Yanyu opened her mouth was calling him ‘Brother Chenchen’.

At that time, he was the only one in the world who remembered Song Jinxi’s existence.

When he heard Zheng Yanyu call him ‘Brother Chenchen’, he thought it was his little girl who had returned.

So he never stopped her from calling him so.

He did tutor Zheng Yanyu with her homework, but it was only a matter of effort, and a large part of the reason was to please Zhang Meigui and Cai Xiaohao.

He thought that Zhang Meigui would like a good kid who was willing to help others.

Later, when Zhang Meigui stopped him and Zheng Yanyu from contacting each other, he felt relieved instead.

The time for her to call him ‘Brother Chenchen’ was also reduced a lot.

It was only once or twice occasionally, so he didn’t emphasize not letting her call him so.

It was not until Song Jinxi appeared that he thought, this name was called by Song Jinxi first.

Except Song Jinxi, he didn’t want to hear this name from anyone.

Even though he wasn’t sure whether Song Jinxi was the little girl from when he was a child, he stopped Zheng Yanyu and told her not to call him that way anymore in the future.

“Tell me, Brother Chenchen, why do you suddenly dislike me” Zheng Yanyu’s voice was full of grievances, and her eyes were full of tears.

She looked at him pitifully, as if he had done a bad thing.

Shen Liuchen only glanced at her, then looked away.

“I never liked you,” he said, “I have always regarded you as a neighbor’s little daughter, and it seems that I haven’t done anything that would make you have the wrong impression, so please keep your distance from me in the future.”

Zheng Yanyu’s eyes widened in disbelief, and she didn’t expect that Shen Liuchen would say such straightforward and hurtful words to her in such a cold and ruthless manner.

She stepped back a little, and for a moment she felt that Shen Liuchen in front of her seemed a bit strange.

Although he was a little alienated from her in the past, he would not directly reject her thousands of miles away like he is now.

She thought of a possibility in her mind, took another step forward, and anxiously explained: “Brother Chenchen, are you angry with me Are you blaming me for telling Aunt Zhang”

Shen Liuchen was silent.

“Sorry, I care too much about you too.

I’m very afraid that you will be taken away by that senior sister.

She even already started doing makeup when she was just in the second year of high school.

All will know with just a glance that she was not a good girl…”

“Shut up.”

Zheng Yanyu was originally talking vigorously, but was startled by Shen Liuchen’s scolding.

She was stunned, Shen Liuchen’s eyes were like a cold ice cave, so cold that she couldn’t stop shaking.

She never dared to think that Shen Liuchen would care about a girl so much.

She just said a few bad things about her… and it’s not even bad things but facts.

He turned so angry instead and looked at herself with this kind of eyes…

She felt that Shen Liuchen was even more unfamiliar, as if she had never really known him.

“What I said is true, otherwise how could her skin be so good Don’t be fooled by her appearance!”


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