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“She looks a hundred times better than you.” Shen Liuchen’s voice was cold and full of impatience.

“Brother Chenchen… how can you say that”

Shen Liuchen didn’t speak.

He bypassed her and wanted to leave.

Zheng Yanyu ran up to him and opened her hands to stop him.

“Brother Chenchen, don’t be stubborn anymore.

After I told Aunt Zhang about you and that senior sister, Aunt Zhang was also very angry.

You should study hard now, and you shouldn’t be with that kind of indecent girl… “

Before she finished speaking, Shen Liuchen stretched out his hand and pushed her aside.

She staggered back several steps before she was able to stabilize her figure.

Shen Liuchen straightened his back and looked at her sideways.

“You love to make a small report, I can’t control it, but don’t let me hear you say bad things about her in the future.

Don’t force me to do something to you.” After speaking, he turned and left.

When he got home, Zhang Meigui had finished her meal.

Seeing him coming back so late again, Zhang Meigui held back the anger in her heart and said: “You are back.”

She put down the remote control in her hand, walked to the door, and took his school bag from his shoulder.

This is the first time she helped him with his bag.

Shen Liuchen hesitated for a while, but let go afterwards and watched her put the bag on the sofa.

“Before you eat, let’s have a talk first.” Zhang Meigui said, patting the sofa on her side.

Shen Liuchen walked over in silence.

It’s just that Zhang Meigui hadn’t opened her mouth yet when the door was suddenly knocked.

Shen Liuchen got up to open the door.

Zheng Yanyu was standing outside the door.

“Who is it” Zhang Meigui asked, poking her head.

Shen Liuchen was about to close the door without saying a word, and was violently held back by Zheng Yanyu.

She was stuck between the door and the door frame, and shouted into the living room: “Aunt Zhang, Brother Chenchen is still entangled with that girl today.

He helped her with her lunch at noon and sent her home at night.

He was simply dating that girl!”

“What she said, is that true” Zhang Meigui got up and walked to the door, frowning, her eyes wandering between Zheng Yanyu and Shen Liuchen.

“It’s real, auntie.

I saw it with my own eyes!” Zheng Yanyu said.

“Okay, I know,” Zhang Meigui waved her hand impatiently, “You go home first.”

“Auntie, you must persuade him not to be distracted at this time.

He will be in senior three soon…”

“His matters, I know it well in my heart.

What does it have to do with you You only know how to make small reports every day.

Are your grades that good” Zhang Meigui couldn’t get any advantage from Shen Liuchen’s side, so she threw her anger at Zheng Yanyu and reached out her hand.

With a banging sound, the door was closed at once.

Zheng Yanyu almost got her nose slammed outside the door.

After being pushed by Shen Liuchen, she was pushed by Zhang Meigui again, making her teeth itch with anger.

But she was unwilling to just let it go like this.

After listening through the door for a while, she found that it was very quiet on the other side of the door.

She could not hear anything.

Then she stomped her feet and turned back home.

In the living room, Shen Liuchen stood on one side, and Zhang Meigui stood opposite him with her arms folded around her chest.

“I thought I could have a good chat with you today, persuade you, let you bring your mind back.” Zhang Meigui was full with the appearance of admonishing words and kind feelings, “I know you are now in adolescence and are prone to rebellion.

The more we don’t let you do something, the more you want to do it.

That’s why I want to calm down and analyze it together with you.

But what about you “

“You tell me now, did you actually have puppy love with that girl or not”

Shen Liuchen: “No.”

“I don’t want you to lie to me.”


There was no hesitation at all in his definite answer, so Zhang Meigui was slightly relieved.


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