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Shen Liuchen refused to believe her.

Song Jinxi thinks so too.

This short stature of hers, was specially added with malnutrition settings by the system too.

So, now she looks even less than five years old.

Originally, her body is not very clean and because of being rolled on the ground by a few children, it appears even more pitiful now.

Such a small bean sprout vegetable but she unexpectedly said without the slightest embarrassment that she was sent by a policeman to rescue them

If he was replaced by herself, she wouldn’t believe it either.

What’s more, the current Shen Liuchen is very cautious towards people, so it’s completely impossible for him to easily believe a stranger’s words.

But it’s impossible for her to just give up like this too.

Regardless of Shen Liuchen’s wishes, by relying on her small physique, she squeezed her way between Shen Liuchen and the corner of the wall.

In fact, Shen Liuchen was also a bit upset.

She was so desperately protecting the candies just now, not willing to let the candy be snatched, but she could give the candy to him with a smile… But he was so ungrateful, slapped off the candy aside, he even pushed her.

He felt ash and didn’t want to be familiar with her, so he turned his body to the other side.

Out of sight, out of mind.

However, Song Jinxi was like a piece of sticky candy.

She followed him wherever he turned.

At last, when he was angry, Song Jinxi leaped forward to hug one of his arms and whispered in his ear pitifully, “Brother Chenchen, don’t ignore me.”

Song Jinxi obviously felt that Shen Liuchen’s body was stiff.

Maybe because he had never been so close to people since he was a child, so he was so stiff .

Song Jinxi thought so.

She hugged his arm tighter but heard him ask, “How do you know my name”

Song Jinxi took his arm and crawled to his side and said the words she had thought of before: “It was Uncle Police who told me.”

“Brother Chenchen, don’t be sad,” she opened her eyes wide to be cute.

“The Uncle Police has arrested the bad beggar grandfather.

He is obviously not your relative but he sold you to a trafficker.

He is really bad!”

Shen Liuchen’s eyes flashed, and there was an inquiry inside the eyes that looked at Song Jinxi.

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Seeing that she looked as if she was not lying, he opened his mouth as if he wanted to speak.

Song Jinxi blinked her eyes and waited for him for a long time but in the end, she only saw him pursing his lips.

He lowered his eyes and remained silent.

Her eyes flashed a trace of distress and she moved closer to him.

Her small body squeezed against him, with the intention to give him warmth.

She saw his hands gradually clenched into fists.

“I was brought up voluntarily by the trafficker.

I told him that you and I are good friends.” Song Jinxi said, “So, when the traffickers come, don’t push me away, okay”

Shen Liuchen did not speak.

Song Jinxi was not in a hurry.

She just stayed by his side quietly.

After a while, she quietly leaned her head on his shoulder.

Seeing that he didn’t break away, she couldn’t help but secretly laughed.

She can be regarded as already having close contact with her male god.

It’s a pity that she couldn’t secretly laugh for long.

After Shen Liuchen thought about the problem, he pushed her aside.

Fortunately, his action this time is much more gentle than before as he only pull her off his arm.

He moved aside again, as if to make room for her.

Song Jinxi happily crawled over and sat down beside him.

After a while, she couldn’t help but repeat the old trick.

Shen Liuchen pushed her several times, and finally could not bear it.

He lowered his voice and said, “Don’t lean on me.”

Song Jinxi opened her eyes and looked at him pitifully, “But I’m hungry.”

Shen Liuchen: “…”

Ignoring Shen LuChen’s suspicious eyes, Song Jinxi squeezed her way to him.

“I’m hungry and I can’t sit still.

I can only sit with Brother Chenchen as support.” There was a miserable look on her face, but her heart was happy.


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