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It’s just that the anger has not been let go, she heard Shen Liuchen said again: “But we will definitely be together in the future.”

“What did you say” Zhang Meigui frowned and looked at him.

“I will chase her when I get into University, and we’ll get married when we graduate from University.” He didn’t hesitate at all.

He seemed to have made up his mind.

Zhang Meigui was dizzy with anger and didn’t want to say anything.

She cast her gaze on the dining table on one side and looked at the sumptuous food on the table.

She was so furious that she went over there, took the dishes and poured them into the garbage can.

While saying: “Okay! Since you are like this, there’s no need to eat tonight’s dinner anymore.”

“I won’t affect my studies, nor will I have puppy love, but you can’t stop me from liking someone.” Shen Liuchen said, carrying his school bag and walking back to the room then slammed the door heavily.

He seemed to hear Zhang Meigui breaking a plate in the living room.

In this matter, he will not lie to Zhang Meigui.

Zhang Meigui has acted abnormally towards him.

He must take the opportunity to tell her that he is no longer the seven-year-old kid before, who naively thought that she and the wild man behind the closed door in the house was really doing real work, and he will no longer listen to her lies too.

She can no longer do anything that is overly intimate with him.

He threw his schoolbag aside and sat down slowly against the wall.

There was a trace of decadence in his eyes.

His desire for a family is stronger than he thought.

When he was a child, just because the old beggar would occasionally share his leftover buns, he wanted to treat the old beggar as a grandfather.

Even if he was later sold by the old beggar, he did not lose his desire for family affection, but continued to yearn for a perfect family.

When Cai Xiaohao and his wife adopted him, they decided to adopt him as an uncle and aunt rather than as an adoptive father and mother because he was already a half grown child.

He was actually a little sad at the time as he wanted to call them dad and mom…

But later after several times of calling them uncle and aunt, it seems that he had become accustomed to it.

Cai Xiaohao is away from home all year round, and Zhang Meigui has always been the one who took care of him.

He once regarded Zhang Meigui as his biological mother with respect and love, but he did not expect that she was such a disgusting person.

As for Cai Xiaohao…

Cai Xiaohao has a bad temper.

Every time he goes home, he either hangs out with Zhang Meigui in the room, or picks him up, punches and kicks him.

From Cai Xiaohao, he has never felt the love of a father.

And Zhang Meigui, from the elder who once gave him warmth, turned into such a disgusting existence…

He wants to get out of this house, out of this dirty place.

He is afraid that if he stays here any longer, he will become a psychopath.

Unconsciously, Song Jinxi’s face appeared before his eyes.

The girl smiled brightly in the sun, just like light itself, shining into his heart that had already begun to decay, giving him new hope.

Did she know that he was in trouble, so she came to help her specially

She said she had gone to University, so… is she from the future

He doesn’t know.

Shen Liuchen doesn’t know how long the time had passed before he finally wiped his face, got up slowly, and turned on the light.

There were footsteps approaching the door.

He heard Zhang Meigui knock on the door.

“If you have to be rebellious, I will not condone it.

From today on, I will not give you any more living expenses.

If I don’t let you suffer a little bit, you may not know how to bow to your family.

Bow to family…

Shen Liuchen laughed lightly.

How could this be called a family…

The author has something to say:

Xixi stayed in this world for so long this time.

Everything that happened is meaningful.

You will know when you read the later chapters.

If this time, like the first death, I only stayed for one afternoon and received the box lunch, the plot later will be much more insipid, so don’t rush me.

Let me spoil you quietly, the second crossing is a bit long, yes, but the third crossing will make you feel well, trust me (Pats chest).


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